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Some Fun Pics

Here are some pics I’ve found in my Facebook newsfeed. I enjoyed them so much I wanted to share them with you. They’re all related to being more successful with women, and I’ve learned from them. Hope you enjoy em… and maybe get a thing or two outta them… like I did.

PART ONE. Male – Female Differences.





PART TWO. Relationship Stuff
















PART FOUR. On Being a Better Man






Cassino Guillermo Interviewed Me!


Cassino and I recorded a conversation last week. It was a lot of fun. I spilled a lot of my best stuff. We talked about dating multiple women, and what my ebook (should be out by May) is about. There’s some great, useful stuff in our talk. Check it out!

Video: Art Williams “Just Do It”

I just came from a business conference in Miami. It was fantastic. They showed this video. I had to share it with you. It’s something I’m still learning from, and it’s this. You can do anything you want. Stop talking about it and dreaming it. Just do it.


Like the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s one thing to read about pickup, it’s another thing to actually SEE it in action.

One reason so many of us guys have gotten stuck during our pickup journey is because we’re inundated with THEORY. Theory is great if you want to take a midterm exam, but it’s next to USELESS in the field.

Then we get criticized by all the “gurus” for only reading about pickup rather than getting out into the field. Well, duh! That’s how we’re being taught. Students reflect their teachers.

Anyway, I wanted to give you a few videos so you can SEE attraction and pickup in action. That way your subconscious will pick up lessons you can’t from just reading. Watch and learn. And you’ll be better prepared what to do in the field.

Check ’em out here.

Han Solo, Rhett Butler, and Cocky-Funny

Ever wondered what cocky-funny looks like?

Cocky-funny is like cleavage.

Cocky-funny, for those of you who don’t know, is the technique David DeAngelo made famous in his ebook “Double Your Dating.” The idea isn’t to kiss girls’ asses. It’s to play a certain character. A guy who’s cocky, and pushes the girl away, playfully.

Basically, it’s banter. But it’s magic when it comes to creating sexual tension.

Totally counter-intuitive, because you’d think being the perfect gentleman and being super-nice and perfect attracts chicks. Uh-uh. The reality is pushing her away, being the cocky guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously is what attracts women.

Especially when you first approach women. Banter. Within the first two sentences. You wouldn’t think it works. It’s scary because you think you’re being mean or something. But believe you me. It’s magic.

If you want to see cocky-funny in action, check out Han Solo with Leia, especially in Empire Strikes Back.

Or Rhett with Scarlett in Gone With the Wind.

Sexual tension, pulling her in and pushing her away and believing you’re the catch, is the key to creating attraction with women.

Mystery in Action

Here’s a video of Mystery in action picking up a Guess model.

Notice that Mystery actively shows that he doesn’t desire her. Other guys often will show how they “desire” her. So to stand out, Mystery does the opposite of “hitting on her.” How does he do this? He does things like walk away from her. Or when she says she’s a model, he says, “you mean a hand model?” He also qualifies her… “is there more to you than meets the eye?”

There’s something in human nature that responds to confidence (confidence here meaning lack of fear) and being challenged.

Also notice how he leads the woman to a quiet spot to talk further. He doesn’t wait. He pushes the interaction forward. He makes things happen.

You’ll see it all in action. Invaluable.

Q: What’s your best pickup, Mystery?.

Interview with Neil Strauss

Here’s an interview with Neil Strauss giving a great overview of what pickup is about.

Pickup is like this cultural phenomenon. It allows ANY guy to become more successful with women. It’s a science (a body of knowledge) and an art (a skill that takes intuition) at the same time.

The phenomenon of pickup is like the movie “Fight Club.” Remember how Edward Norton and Brad Pitt talk about how we guys are a generation raised by women? And how it’s almost as if we guys are losing a little bit of our manhood trying to please women?

Pickup is like a balm for that wound. “It’s okay to be a man” seems to be one of its underlying messages. But it’s way more productive than a “Fight Club.” Haha Could that be one reason why it’s become such a cultural phenomenon?

Of course the fact it makes being more successful with women a lot easier doesn’t hurt either.

Anyway, this video is all about what pickup is, and how it’s become a cultural phenomenon. It’s fantastic.

Don Juan DeMarco’s Approach

In my previous post, I suggested we must approach a woman by giving. This scene below shows exactly what I mean.

Also, this scene shows how foreplay IS sex. There’s no difference between picking up women and satisfying them. Picking up a woman is foreplay. This scene shows this idea, too. The way Don Juan picks her up is the way he satisfies her.


Notice these excellent fundamentals in his approach:

  • He smiles before uttering a word.
  • Before he speaks, he lets the woman check him out. If you speak before letting people check you out, they won’t be able to hear what you’re saying. They need to size you up first.
  • He gives a false time constraint: “I will not linger.” If you sit down with someone, they’ll immediately wonder how long you’ll be here. Put them at ease. Let them know you won’t stay long.
  • He immediately self-discloses. He tells her who he is.
  • He sparks sexual tension by telling her what he can do for her. It’s about her.
  • He touches her within minutes.
  • The way he speaks: with feeling, subtlety, appreciation, sincerity. You can tell how much he is in love with women. And he just sucks her into his world as a result.
  • He never states why he’s there. It’s understood. But it’s not about “me” or “taking.” He wants her, but he also wants to give something of value to her. He demonstrates his value in terms of her.
  • He’s unafraid of sex. In fact, he confidently leads her to sex. But he leads her in a way that sparks HER desires (his desire is there, but it’s not about my desires alone).

And when he’s in bed, he uses that same kind of being-in-tuned with her, enjoying every inch of her, bringing her deepest pleasure out from within her (not just sticking his dick in her). It’s an art. Nothing else exists. Time stands still. The self is gone. Complete and total care. Bliss. Listen to his words…

Every woman  is a mystery to be solved. Her skin color can tell us how to proceed. But a woman holds nothing from a true lover. Her hue, like the blush of a rose, pink and pale, she must be coaxed to open her petals with a warmth like the sun. It calls for the lust of a whale crashing to the shore, so we may steal up what lies beneath, and bring the foamy delight of love to the surface.

Although there is no metaphor that truly describes making love to a woman. The closest is playing a rare musical instrument. I wonder, does the Stradivarius violin feel the same rapture as the violinist when he coaxes his single perfect note from its heart?

Every true lover knows the moment of greatest satisfaction comes when ecstasy is long over. And he beholds before him the flower that has blossomed beneath his touch.

-Don Juan DeMarco