Seven Secrets to Style’s Success

“Style,” aka Neil Strauss

How did Neil Strauss, a.k.a Style and author of the NY Times best-selling book “The Game,” get so successful in the game?

According to him it was these things:

1. Hang out with people better than you:

He hung with Mystery. Our environment is always stronger than we are. If you hang out with a guy who’s good with women, he’ll rub off on you. You’ll SEE subtle lessons words don’t quite capture. If you can’t find that guy, listening to videos and audios featuring those kinds of guys can help.


You can’t learn to drive a car from reading about it. You’ve gotta drive the car. To learn any skill, be it piano, drawing, shooting a basketball, pickup, you’ve got to practice. To get good at pick up, approach 500-1000 sets. Go out 3-4 times every week for 9-12 months. And TRACK your results. THAT will get you good with women.

3. Take it step-by-step:

Master opening first. Then, play-fighting (or negs). Then, story-telling (or DHVs) and multiple-threading. Then qualifying and isolating. And so on until you’re stacking orgasms. Don’t learn the advanced stuff before the basics. Crawl before walking. Walk before running.

4. Nothing is impossible:

There’s ALWAYS a solution to a problem. And ANY obstacle can be solved. The most difficult situation you can imagine, like a girl surrounded by 8 guys, or a girl on her way out the door, or a girl who’s heard your opener, CAN be solved.

5. It’s YOUR fault:

If something goes wrong, it’s not her fault. She’s not a bitch or mean or uptight. YOU did something. Look to yourself first. How could YOU do it better? That’s how you’ll improve and grow.

6. Don’t take it personally:

Being “hurt” is a waste of energy. Use failure as learning lessons to improve from. Failure is the backdoor to success.

7. Be Prepared:

Success favors the prepared mind. Before going out, Style would study his routines. He’d then fold up the piece of paper, put it into his back pocket, and forget about it. He’d go out into the field, and just flow. And his sets would go awesome. Being prepared also allows you to take the lead.

Some other nuggets that helped him in the field:

  1. Strong Belief: Whatever you believe is possible you can manifest—so believe it, and it WILL happen.
  2. Give her orgasms before you do:  She’ll always come back for more.
  3. When approaching a set with guys in it:  As long as you show the guys respect, they will be cool with you.

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