Get Confidence

A big piece to becoming more successful with women has to do with confidence and inner-game. Why?

We communicate how we feel inside without being aware of it.

If we feel good, a woman feels good around us. She’ll associate feeling good with us, and she’ll want to be around those feelings more. We humans seem to be attracted more to the feelings we have around a person, than the person himself.

Inner-game is a deep topic. Philosophers, religions, psychologists have examined this topic the best. Based on their thinking, here are some thoughts about creating a solid inner-game relevant to success with women.

Actually, Jesuit priest Anthony DeMello would say we don’t “create” a solid inner-game, we just subtract the bullshit that covers our natural light, so that it can finally shine again.


Women’s Rejection

Secret to Style’s Success

Pearls of Wisdom


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