Game, Part 1: When You Don’t Want Her, She Wants You


I had always wondered what “game” is.

When you don’t want her, she wants you. When you want her, she doesn’t want you.

Simple as that.

Sounds harsh, I know. But it’s the way things are.

And by the way, this applies to when you FIRST want to attract a woman. Things change a bit when you get into a relationship–although it’s good to still sprinkle the “spice” of game into a relationship.

So, let me explain… because it does sounds kinda harsh. I know. I mean can’t you just be nice and not have to play games? I wish.

Women go to clubs, and they put a lot of effort in looking EXTREMELY hot.

But they reject guys over and over again. What’s up with that? Some women do it as a sort of “bitch shield.” Others do it to feed their egos. It’s as if the more they reject us, the hotter they feel.

Either way, don’t play into their trap. Knock her off the pedestal instead.

The HOTTEST women hear compliments all the time, so stay away from that kind of crap–unless it’s honest-to-God a truthful and sincere statement. Just be warned… if she can have you, she won’t want you.

Now, let me ask you something else. What do women want?

For the record, I don’t know. But the great philosopher Cindy Lauper may have given us a clue. “Girls just wanna have fun.” Instead of compliments, make her laugh by giving her a little attitude. Playfully of course.

It’s funny because we guys HATE it when girls give us attitude. Girls LOVE it when we give them attitude.

I don’t get it, I just know it works.

Maybe if you imagine yourself as the hottest woman it kinda makes sense.

Imagine you get approached by guys ten to thirty times a day with either a look or a proposition or a compliment about how beautiful you are. At first it might be kind of cool, but after hearing the same thing over and over and over again, it probably gets old FAST. Annoying, even.

Now, imagine after hearing the same compliments and propositions some guy walks up to you and gives you a little playful shit instead. It’d probably get your attention, right?

It’s counter-intuitive. You’d think being nice and buying her drinks would attract her. But it doesn’t. It doesn’t spark anything. It’s as if you walk in a store and are handed a fish for free versus going fishing and struggling to reel one in. Wouldn’t you say it’s the STRUGGLE that makes fishing fun?

Learn from how girls brush us off. And do it to them.

Girls can be heartless. I’m sure you’ve been there, I know I have. You be nice and you get squashed. They reject us ALL the time.

Either way… it’s time for guys to start acting like guys again. Don’t be a pussy when it comes to women. We think it’s wrong to give her a little attitude. It’s not. A little attitude sparks attraction. If she demands you buy her a drink, say NO! Ask her to buy YOU a drink. You don’t have to be nice and perfect. Be raw. It’s okay to be a guy.

Buuuuut… DON’T squash her. Don’t be mean. Do it to make her laugh. Do it to give her what she wants. A challenge.

ALL of us humans love challenge. It sharpens our edge.

And that’s what game is all about. Being a challenge. Brush her off… playfully, respectfully. Turn the tables on her for once. Rebuff HER. It’s like catnip for women. And for us it’s fun. Like a game.

In the first clip, watch Mystery walk away from the women. Voila! He draws them in…

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