Learn from my INFIELD blood and tears that helped me become successful with women.


This catalog includes EVERYTHING I’ve learned about how to become successful with women–there’s stuff in here NOT on this blog. This stuff is meant to get you RESULTS… so you can transform and move on to serve your life’s deepest purpose.

  • “How to Pick Up Chicks” ebook is a PRACTICAL place to start that shows you how to open and build comfort with any woman. Available NOW.
  • My Routines Collection” is also a PRACTICAL place to start that gets results RIGHT AWAY. That will be available by 12/31/16
  • The “Mystery of Woman” program is an ENCYCLOPEDIA that includes inner-game, pickup, sex skills, relationship maintenance, and advanced game. I’ve been working on this for the past five years. I’ve set it up like a circulum. I’ll release this in installments starting 12/31/16.
  • The “Videos” include both analysis and INFIELD EXAMPLES for you to model. This will come out in 2017. The “Tools” include things like a deck of banter-line cards that will help you get the language of attraction down in the quiet of your home. That will come out in 2017 too.

Each program has a RISK FREE Trial. If you don’t see results after 30 days, say the word at, and you can get a FULL refund.


How to Pick Up Chicks in Five Simple Steps” ebook. 74 pages. (Click to learn more)

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My Routines Collection ebook. aprx. 300 pages. Coming in 2016.

Importance and Connection kind-of-a-big-deal

You’ll get routines that will help you to:

  • Attract, build comfort, and seduce the woman of your dreams.
  • Make the sex hot.
  • Date multiple women.
  • Get Same Day Lays, Threesomes, Club Girls, Strippers, and Hired Guns.
  • Breakup effectively.
  • Fill out a Stack Sheet, Know how to Practice, Learn how to create your own routines.
  • Strengthen Inner-Game before practicing these routines.


The Mystery of Womanwill be released in 15 installments starting in 12/31/16. Each ebook will be aprx. 150 pages each. Once the installments are done, you can still purchase it in parts to address whichever need you have or in WHOLE.

Understanding Women Book

The basic idea is to be successful with women, you just need 3 skills: Masculinity, Playful Challenge, and Appreciation.

Book 1 introduces the 3 skills. It’s the big picture. There are 3 installments, including my story of how I learned this stuff.

Book 2 digs into each skill one by one. In the process, we’ll talk about things like:

  • body language
  • fashion
  • kino
  • conversation skills
  • humor
  • being a challenge
  • the art of giving compliments
  • the psychological skills of sex
  • confidence

That’ll all be done within a story. There are 5 installments. The reason is, the first skill, Masculinity, is so important it takes 3 installments.

In Book 3, we’ll apply the 3 skills from meeting a woman to having a sexual relationship with her. We’ll talk about:

  • opening
  • attracting
  • Day 2’s
  • inviting her back to your place
  • pleasing her in bed
  • dating multiple women
  • breaking up effectively
  • how to maintain a long-term relationship

There are 4 installments here. Attraction, Comfort, and Seduction each have their own installments. Dating Multiple Women and Long-Term Relationships are in one installment called “Relationships.”

In Book 4, we’ll apply the 3 skills to Advanced Game, including

  • Day Game
  • Same Day Lays
  • Club Game
  • Having a Threesome
  • Meeting Hired Guns like Strippers

There are 3 installments here. Day Game, Same Day Lays, and Club Game are in one installment. Threesomes and Hired Guns get their own installments.

In Book 5, you’ll get an 18-month Practice Plan. This will take your hand and guide you day-by-day in how to practice and master these 3 skills. The goal is to get you results, so you can change your life, and move on from pickup to serve your life’s deepest purpose.

Here are the 15 installments. Again, purchase an installment if it might help you with a sticking point:

Book 1. Introduction

  • Parts I – III. The Overarching Idea (100 pp)
  • Part IV. Six Essays on Success with Women (132 pp)
  • Part V. The Story Begins (73 pp)

Book 2. The 3 Skills

  • Skill #1 Masculinity, Part I. Psychological Skills of Sex (133 pp)
  • Skill #1 Masculinity, Part II. Confidence (? pp)
  • Skill #1 Masculinity, Part III. Presentation: Body Language, Fashion, Kino, Conversation (138 pp)
  • Skill #2. Playful Challenge (87 pp)
  • Skill #3. Appreciation (164 pp)

Book 3. Application

  • Phase I. Attraction (162 pp)
  • Phase II. Comfort (110 pp)
  • Phase III. Seduction (including Physical Sex Skills) (130 pp)
  • Phase IV. and V. Relationship: Polyphilia and Monogamy (141 pp)

Book 4. Advanced Game

  • Freshman, Sophmore, Junior. Day Game, Same Day Lay, Club Game (78 pp)
  • Senior. Threesomes (250 pp)
  • Grad School. Strippers and Hired Guns (158 pp)

Book 5. 18-Month Practice Plan (? pp)



Coming in 2017.



Coming in 2017.

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    1. renaissan

      Thank-you for asking! “The Mystery of Women” has turned out to be a series of five books. That’s why it’s been taking so long.

      I just finished the fourth book today. Book Four’s about “Advanced Game” (threesomes, Same Day Lay, Club Game, Hired Guns). I’ll be starting the final book, a detailed Practice Plan, soon.

      After the editing’s done, I’d say the series will be out by the end of the 2016 summer. And it’s gonna be so awesome. I’m pumped. Again, thanks for asking Anthony.

  1. Frank

    Hi Renaissan,

    Happy new year! Hope everything is going great from your side (:

    Do you have any updates of your “Mystery of Woman” program ENCYCLOPEDIA?

    I am looking forward to get a copy of it.

    Best wishes.


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