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Video – Hot Crazy Matrix

You may already seen this video, but I still had to share it. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. It’s hilarious.

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Video – Be The Selector

Just made my first video. It’s based on a classic passage from Double Your Dating about being the selector rather than the selectee. Let me know what you think.


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Video: Mystery Owning Sh*t Tests

I came across this classic video of Mystery handling shit tests from a bratty chick. What I admire is how calm, cool, and collected he remains. Instead of getting testy, he seems to be like “you’re so cute,” instead.

Such a great lesson. Instead of taking shit-tests personally, turn it into playful banter and tell her how “cute” she’s being. Defuses¬†negativity, and wins the girl over. Unruffled by the outside world. I imagine women find that super hot.

Check it out:

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Video: Neil Strauss and Mystery

I wanted to share the first hour and a half of this video with you (it’s two hours total). It’s the eighth DVD of a series Neil Strauss put out called “The Annihilation Method.” Neil’s goal was to divulge everything about the game in it.

The first hour of this video is mostly Mystery speaking. The half hour after that is Mystery and Neil Strauss talking about phone game. The last half hour is Steve P and Hypnotica, and in my opinion not as good.

Yes, I know the section I’d like you to check out is an hour and a half. But there are so many solid fundamentals it’s totally worth it. Mystery covers attraction, dealing with Last Minute Resistance, phone game, and other invaluable nuggets of gold. Great review. I learned a ton. Check it out:


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Russell Brand on MSNBC

Found this video through Neil Strauss. Great example of frame control.


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Simple Pickup

Now this is how to pickup!

Love the fearlessness of these guys. Had to share it with you.

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Stunning Pics of Nude Yoga



I couldn’t resist.

I found this article on the web and I had to share it with you.

It’s about a photographer named Peter Hegre. He posted stunning images of his wife on Reddit, nude, posing in yoga positions. The lighting and lack of clothing highlights which muscles her yoga position works on. ¬†Usually these muscles would be concealed. They’re beautiful pictures.

I have no other reason for posting this picture other than it’s lovely and it’s pure eye-candy. Think of it as a little inspiration.

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Mystery’s new site: 3 Second Rule

Mystery and Discovery just launched a new site a few days ago called “3 Second Rule.” It’s really good, and there’s some excellent content there. As for Venusian Arts, I believe it’s now under the ownership of a former coach.

This video comes from their site. It’s 26 minutes, but it’s pure value. I learned a TON watching it, so of course I had to share it with you.

Here are some things to check out:

  • The nature of attraction (S & R value)
  • Mystery’s 5 Levels of Game
  • Discovery’s OSCA model
  • A new opener from Mystery
  • The importance of locking-in
  • Their delivery and poise

Again, there’s a lot of great stuff in the video. I hope you get as much out of it as I did.¬† For example, it was a great review hearing about how important locking-in is, and I enjoyed watching the way these masters carry themselves…



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Blurred Lines Video

If you haven’t already check out this video:

It’s hot as hell, but also notice how the guy reeks of ladies man.


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The Ideal Woman

Had to share this video. I love Ross Jeffries comment about this: “I tell you, this woman isn’t far from the kingdom of heaven.”


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