I’m gonna dig into one of my favorite subjects here.


You can have your inner and outer-games together, but if you don’t know what to do with her when you get her into bed, she might not be coming back to you for more.

Here’s some sex tips I’ve learned along the way. There’s quite a few here, so I’m gonna split them into 10 parts. Starting with how to prep, and going all the way to intercourse.

Hell, yeah.


Getting prepped

Getting prepped

1. Masturbate.

Wait, wait, wait. Isn’t masturbation bad?

Well, like my basketball coach used to say, practice don’t make perfect. PERFECT practice makes perfect.

Same thing with sex. And masturbation is your practice. How you masturbate is how you’ll perform. Bust a nut FAST… guess what? That’s probably how you’ll be with her.

By the way, WARNING: Ejaculating too often weakens your shit.


DON’T ejaculate.


I know, I know. Seems crazy. I thought the same thing.

But here’s the thing. You can actually orgasm without ejaculating. Swear to God.

They’re two separate physical functions. We’re used to experiencing them happening together, so we’ve come to believe they’re the same. They’re not. And you can train yourself to separate one from the other.


Rate your sexual excitement from 1 – 10. 10 is orgasm. 1 is Janet Reno on a cold day. When you get to 7, back off. Masturbate again until you get to 8, then back off again. Masturbate again until you get to 9, then back off.

It takes a shit load of practice and discipline. To be honest, it took me about 9 months. But I had a lot of fun along the way. I mean… who said that?

And, don’t worry. Guys have succeeded in getting non-ejaculatory orgasms in way less time than I did.

But goddam, it feels so good, you just want to come. So, it’s a bitch and a half. If you come, no worries. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just keep at. Soon, you’ll be orgasming without ejaculating. I promise.

Here’s another tip about lasting longer. When you focus too much sexual energy in your cock, you spew. Same thing when you tense up your groin muscles. Tension makes you ejaculate.

So, relax your groin muscles. You last longer. Magic!

Also, move the sexual energy away from your cock and move it throughout your body. You kinda have to use your imagination to do this.

First, feel the sexual energy in your body. Usually, you’ll feel it down there. Then, when you inhale, breathe the energy away from your cock down to your toes… or up to your head… or your chest… or wherever you want.

This allows you to have an “internal” orgasm, rather than an “external” one. And when you can have an internal orgasm, you can have multiple orgasms, too. I know I have.

I’m aware that this sounds a little crazy. It did to me when I first heard it. But open your mind and try it out. When you experience it, you’ll know what I mean.

Here’s the biggest pay off.

You train yourself to enjoy the “process” of sex rather than rush to the climax. This heightened awareness helps you become a better lover. When you’re fully present with the woman you’re with, you get to enjoy the real fun in sex. Not the climax, but the here and now.

So, again, the way you masturbate is how you perform. Practice NOT ejaculating.

2. Trim your nails.

If you finger her and your nails aren’t trimmed, you can seriously hurt her. Trim your nails.

3. Shave.

That stubble can feel like 60-grit sandpaper on her face and thighs. Shave, so you don’t hurt her.

4. Keep condoms handy.

Keep em under the pillow. Then when it’s time to put it in, you don’t have to go hunting for one. It’s right there. Also, keep one in the car console, in case you don’t make it to the bedroom.

5. Keep lube handy.

You can never have too much lube. Extra lube helps with clit stimulation, G-spot stimulation, and deep-spot stimulation. Certain lubes can also work great for massages, too. And as you and I know, massages are PRIMO in getting women in the mood.


What happens when you give a woman a massage

Lesson? You can never have too much lube. Keep the mo-fo handy.



Here are some ideas for initiating the sex.

6. Smile:

Women are turned on by a great smile. Melts away barriers.

7. Make her laugh:

Puts her in a good mood. And relaxes her. (banter, tickle, fifth grade tactics, laugh at yourself)

8. Connect with her emotionally:

Share your secrets. Listen to hers. Appreciate her. Get naked emotionally… one step away from getting naked physically.

9. Be a gentleman:

Pull out chairs, open doors, help her with her jacket, be decisive. Play the protector role. Puts her into the feminine role. Hello, sexual electricity.

10. Read erotica to her:

“Fifty Shades of Grey” maybe? Nancy Friday’s “My Secret Garden”… hell yeah. Anne Rice’s “Sleeping Beauty”… another good one. Puts her in the mood.

11. Give her a bubble bath:

Light candles, incense, get music going. Pamper her. Again, sets the right mood.

12. Pet her hair:

Not sure why women love getting their hair pet, but it works. I won’t argue.

13. Give her a foot massage:

Relaxes her. A lot of guys neglect her feet. Killer way to get her in the mood.

14. Take her from behind:

Maybe she’s washing the dishes. Come up from behind and take her. Don’t ask. Take what’s yours.

15. Have a quickie:

Women love quickies, too. Let’s say she’s washing the dishes again. Bend her over. Lift up her skirt. And fuck her. Exciting. Surprising. Wrong. But oh so right.

16. Scoop her up:

Let’s say you’re 100 feet from the house. Scoop her up. Carry her to bed. And have your way with her.

17. Manhandle her:

Pick her up. Throw her on the bed. Pin her down. Pull her hair. Enjoy. Chances are she’ll enjoy it, too.

18. Undress her slowly:

Don’t rip off all her clothes at once. Women love the agony of anticipation. By the way, that means you too, hot shot. Slow down when you undress.

19. Dress her up:

I’m serious. Put on her panties, her bra, her shirt, her pants. Show I don’t just manhandle you. I take care of you, too. You’re my girl.

20. Make wardrobe requests:

Tell her what to wear. It’s the whole decisiveness thing again. Can put her in the mood.

See a pattern here? Set the right mood. Be the man.

::: PART 3. KISSING :::

Here’s some ideas about kissing.

21. Start off with shallow kisses:

Don’t shove your tongue down her mouth. Grosses chicks out.

22. Keep your tongue soft:

Again, a jabbing tongue grosses her out.

23. Cradle her face:

Feels like a “movie” kiss. It’s like you “take” her. Women love it.

24. Nibble her ears:

Her ears are veeeery sensitive.

25. Kiss her neck:

Same thing with her neck. Veeeery sensitive. Why do you think Twilight’s so popular with chicks? She wants you to kiss her there. Gets her in the mood… for sure.


26. Suck her tongue:

Give her a nice little surprise.


As if kissing doesn’t get her horny. Ha! Here are some other ways to get her juices flowing:

27. Clue into her mood:

If she’s coming on strong… give her crazy, jungle sex. If she’s coming on more sensual/caressing… start slow. Women are like feeling itself, constantly changing. So, get in tune with how she’s feeling. That can tell you how to proceed.

28. Her skin all over is a sex organ:

Her pussy and tits aren’t her only sex organs. Her skin ALL OVER is a sex organ. So, explore her WHOLE body.

29. Stimulate her LESS obvious body parts first:

In other words do NOT go straight to the tits and pussy first. Go to the less obvious body parts first. Examples:

  • Back of neck
  • Between shoulder blades
  • Lower back
  • Ass
  • Calves
  • Underside of boob
  • Inside of elbow
  • Wrist
  • Belly button
  • Thighs
  • Between ankle bone and achilles tendon
  • Feet

30. Use some props:

Talk about making things a little more exciting, add a few props to the mix. Here are some ideas:

  • Blindfolds: All I have to say is… “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Bind her hands and feet. Blindfold her. Tickle her senses. Walk away. She doesn’t know what you’re gonna do next. Nice. Check out this scene from 9 1/2 Weeks for some ideas:

  • Whipped cream: I hear “creme fraiche” is even better. Something about it’s got a more oily consistency. Lasts longer. In any event, put some of this shit on her body and lick it off. Yum.

  • Chocolate and fruit: Same idea. Cover her body parts with fruits and chocolate and eat it off her. And of course, you know how much women love chocolate. Have her eat chocolate and fruit off of you too. Here’s another scene from 9 1/2 Weeks for some more ideas:

  • Vibrator: While you’re fucking her G-spot with your cock, use a vibrator on her clit. Doubles the chances of her reaching the summit. Hello.


31. Start slow.

32. Explore her whole pussy first.

clitoris and vagina

Don’t dive into the clitoris right away. Explore her whole vagina first.

Warm her up. Kiss her thighs. Let her feel anticipation and sexual tension. In other words, stimulate her feelings. Her clit is just an appendage.

33. Show you’re excited about going down on her.

SHE’LL get excited. No being mechanic about it. Eat with GUSTO. “I love the way you taste.” “Mmmm.” “You have such a gorgeous pussy.” “Fuck! This turns me on so much.” By the way, she’ll be able to tell if you mean it or not. So, mean it. The point is to stimulate her feelings. That’s her biggest sex organ.

34. Lick the clit INdirectly.

The clit is like the head of our penis... except there are even MORE nerve endings. Something like 8,000. A little trivia: the upper right quadrant is the most sensitive part.

The clit is like the head of our penis… except there are even MORE nerve endings. Something like 8,000. A little trivia: the upper right quadrant is the most sensitive part.

It’s so sensitive, it can’t always take direct stimulation. Here’s some ideas how to lick INDIRECTLY.

  • circles around the clit
  • lick skin over it
  • suck her clit
  • sandwich clit between labia, move around in a circular motion
  • Hell yeah!

35. When you find a rhythm she likes, stick to it.

Don’t switch speeds or strokes. It’s too erratic and breaks her concentration. I know, you’d think the variety helps. It doesn’t. You want STEADY. The same rhythm over and over. The repetition lets the sexual pleasure build higher and higher and higher in her… until she explodes.

>>> NOTE: If you’re doing all this, the only other thing in the way of her exploding might be her mind.

Sometimes her thoughts can get in the way. See? I told you her mind (or feelings) is her most important sex organ. Help her to calm her mind, and relax. That way she can focus on the now and explode. Here are some ideas:

36. Be relaxed yourself.

She can pick up on how you feel. If you’re relaxed and enjoying yourself, she can relax and enjoy herself.

37. STOP in the middle of licking her.

Seriously. Feel her tits, kiss her. Keeps that human-to-human, emotional connection. And the break might help take a little pressure off her. Then continue where you left off. Added bonus: keeps her guessing what you’re gonna do next. Anticipation and sexual tension baby!

38. Sometimes she gets self-conscious that it’s taking her awhile.

Assure her it’s totally normal to take a while, and you ENJOY doing this. It’s not just about pleasing her. You actually LIKE doing this for your own pleasure.

While we’re on the subject, give a woman AT LEAST 15 minutes. Could take shorter, could take longer. Could take shorter if she’s already WAY turned on before you start licking her. Longer if she wasn’t as warmed up yet. Either way, make yourself comfortable. You’re not going anywhere. Enjoy the meal. It’s like boiling a pot of water. It takes a while, but when it boils… watch out.

39. Multitask.

Feel her tits while you’re licking her. Doubles the sensations, yes. But also, stimulating her above the waist… shows you’re making love to her as a human being rather than just a clit. Again, adds that emotional element. Keeps her mind on the present moment, feeling the pleasure.

40. After you’ve licked her for a while and gotten her wet… Finger her G-spot.

Go past the rough part just a little bit. You'll know when you've found it. It can take more pressure than the clit.

Go past the rough part just a little bit. You’ll know when you’ve found it. It can take more pressure than the clit.

Talk about doubling the sensation and keeping her mind on the pleasure. There’s a reason why the rabbit vibrator is so popular. It stimulates her clit and G-spot at the same time.

The "Rabbit." It stimulates her G-spot and clitoris at the same time. We can learn from the Rabbit.

The “Rabbit.” It stimulates her G-spot and clitoris at the same time. We can learn from the Rabbit.

We’re better than the rabbit, though, and here’s why. Our tongues have a natural wetness that feels great on her clit. I learned that from my girl, and it was a revelation to me.

And, of course, the human-to-human emotional connection. Can’t get it from a machine. That’s why when you lick her clit, don’t do it like a machine. Make sure to stimulate her mind and feelings, too.

In fact, her feelings and her mind… enjoying yourself, making her feel relaxed and desired… that’s the most important thing to stimulate. Maybe even more than her clit.


I. Fingering the Clit

41. Upper Right Quadrant of clit:

This is the most sensitive part of the clit. Stroke this.

42. Use plenty of lube:

A dry finger hurts and doesn’t feel good. Use plenty of lube while stroking her clit.

43. Light pressure:

Women prefer lighter stimulation… not hard pressure… especially since the clit is so sensitive.

44. Tease the clit at first:

Don’t attack it. Touch, then back off. Touch some more, then back. Or you could do this. Stroke one side. Then the top. Then the bottom. Stroke in circles. Then up and down. Or side to side. In other words, warm her up. When you find a rhythm she’s like “hell yeah!” keep the same rhythm.

45. When you find a rhythm she likes:

This is an idea I got from the book “ESO: Extended Sex Orgasm” by Alan and Donna Brauer. Use that rhythm for ten strokes, then relax for two (for example, where you’re not directly on the clit). It increases sexual tension.

II. Fingering the G-Spot

46. Get foreplay and rapport first:

Talk and laugh. Kiss. Stroke her skin. Massage her feet. Lick her clit. This relaxes her. If you dive straight for the G-spot, she’ll resist.

47. Use plenty of lube:

You can never have too much lube. Also, make sure fingernails are short.

48. Start slow and DON’T attack the G-spot:

Finger her a little. Move your fingers around inside her pussy, then take your fingers out. Taking your fingers away makes her crave your fingers more.

49. G-Spot Location:

1″ – 2″ inside. Up toward the sky. When she’s aroused, you know you’ve got it because it feels like a tiny ball or coin. When she’s not aroused, often you won’t be able to feel it. Why does it feel like a ball? It’s where the female prostrate gland is. That’s what the G-spot is.


In women it’s called the “Skene glands.” When a woman gets wet, that’s where the fluid comes from. When you stroke the G-spot, you’ll hear a squishing sound. You’re on the right track. That’s her Skene Glands making more of the liquid. Stroke it enough, liquid bursts out… a squirting orgasm.

It’s not pee. She’ll say she feels like she has to pee while you’re doing it. But the reality is, it’s the same stuff that makes her pussy wet. You can see this when a girl pees after she’s orgasmed. She had held in the ejaculate, and now she’s emptying it. If she doesn’t believe you, have her pee before you stroke the G-spot. If she feels like she has to pee… well, then she’ll know it’s not pee.

50. G-spot technique:

Use the two middle fingers. Hand moves up and down. Fingers pull her towards you, like “come here” motion. Do both these movements at the same time. Think of it as tickling the G-spot. Tickle, but a FIRM tickle.

When you hear that sloshing sound, go really fast. Not necessarily hard… though the G-spot can take more pressure than the clit. But quick. Fast and furious. Shouldn’t take too long after that. After she’s come, you can make her come again. And again, and again. Unlike the clit where after she orgasms, it’s too sensitive to be touched again. Not so with the G-spot.

III. Finger the Anus


51. Knock at her backdoor:

While fingering her pussy with one hand, run a finger from your other hand along the rim. Rub lightly in a circular motion.

52. If she doesn’t swat you away:

wet your finger and SLOWLY push the tip inside. It’ll prep you for some anal stimulation later…

::: PART 7. TALKING :::

Credit: http://flowingdata.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/flow_sex.jpg

The good and the bad of what to say in bed. Click on the picture to view it full size. Credit: http://flowingdata.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/flow_sex.jpg

53. Before sex:

“Can’t wait to rip your clothes off tonight.” “You look so hot, I can’t make it though the day unless I have you right now.” “Can’t wait to fuck you tonight.” “What panties are you wearing?” “I’m getting hard just thinking about what I’m going to do to you when I get home.”

54. Dirty Talk During Sex:

Say what you’re feeling or thinking. Use X-rated words. “Like the way my hard cock feels in your wet pussy?” “Your pussy feels so good.” “You’re so wet and tight.” “I love the way my dick slides in your hot, wet pussy.” “Baby you’ve got the best {fill in body part of choice}”

Use X-rated words. Credit: www.weoutthere.net

Use X-rated words. Credit: www.weoutthere.net

55. Compliment her tits:

“I love your tits.” “Your tits are so hot.”

56. Compliment her pussy:

“I love the way you taste.” “You’ve got such a gorgeous pussy.”

57. Compliment her as a lover:

“You’re the best I’ve ever had.”

58. Tell her how excited she makes you:

“You turn me on so much.” “You excite me so much.”

59. Make sounds:

I got this from Alex Allman. You know how a guy will go “hiya!” before a karate chop? Making that sound gets his “chi” moving, and gives him a dose of strength. Do the same thing in bed. When you make sounds (rather than be all silent) it gets your “chi” going. It gives you a dose of strength and domination. Makes you more passionate. And just like her sounds turn us on, our sounds turn her on.

The big takeaway: don’t be silent in bed. Stimulate her mind. Talk to her in bed, and express yourself.

Dirty talk is a big thumbs up. Credit: rottenecards.com

Dirty talk is a big thumbs up. Credit: rottenecards.com

::: PART 8. FUCKING :::

Ready to get the Kama on

Ready to get the Kama on

60. Don’t pound away for 30 minutes:

That just gets tiring for her.

61. Take a break from pounding:

Stop in the middle of fucking, but stay inside her. Let the sensations rush over you. That little bit of variety is better than pounding away endlessly.

62. Rock you hips:

Think the way a Latin Lover moves his hips. Here are some ideas of what you can do:

  • Grind: push yourself to the root of your dick. Roll hips side-to-side.
  • Figure-Eight: Twist hips in figure eight… can hit her clit.
  • Scoop: Scoop with your hips, like lifting her up from inside her pussy… can hit her G-spot.
  • Slow-Deep and Fast-Shallow: Alternate between the two. Too much fast thrusting can numb her pussy. Slow and deep is usually best. It allows the tension and orgasm to build.

63. Tantric Strokes:

Thrust 9 shallow, 1 deep. 8 shallow, 2 deep. 7 shallow, 3 deep… until you get to 10 deep. Then start over again. Builds sexual tension. Good variety. Shallow strokes hit the G-spot.

64. Put a pillow under her butt:

This lifts up her pelvis, so it’s easier to hit her G-spot. Usually, your penis just hits air. She won’t orgasm that way. When her pelvis is up, you can actually touch her pussy. That’s a good thing.

Here's a drawing I drew showing how to put a pillow under butt. The other drawing shows how you hit her G-spot.

Here’s a drawing I drew showing how to put a pillow under butt. The other drawing shows how you hit her G-spot.

65. Pin her hands down and Pull her hair:

Women actually LIKE to be dominated (not just the sweet stuff, although that has its time and place, too).

The sweet stuff has its time and place, but women also LIKE to be dominated, too.

The sweet stuff has its time and place, but women also LIKE to be dominated, too.

66. Bend her legs:

You’ve probably done all these, but here are some cool options… her legs around your neck. Legs on your chest. Lift her legs and cross them. And so on. These positions get you deeper. And the domination feels great.

67. Cowgirl Ride:

I got this from a book Kim Cattrall wrote with her husband called “Satisfaction.” She said it’s her favorite stroke and makes her come. Here it is…

From "Satisfaction," by Kim Cattrall and Mark Levinson (Illustration by Fritz Drury). She can orgasm a lot in this position. It requires her to move her butt up and down. You get to lie there, hold her, stroke her hair, kiss her...

From “Satisfaction,” by Kim Cattrall and Mark Levinson (Illustration by Fritz Drury). She can orgasm a lot in this position. It requires her to move her butt up and down. You get to lie there, hold her, stroke her hair, kiss her…

Have her on top. Slide your dick along her G-spot and out. Then slide your dick on her clit back inside her pussy along G-spot. Then slide it out along her clit and back inside her pussy along G-spot. Keep repeating. Double whammy. Lets the sexual tension build.

68. Doggy Style:

Put a pillow under her stomach, so it’s easier to hit her G-spot.

Here's another drawing I drew of a guy putting a pillow under his girl's stomach doggy style. Again, the second drawing is meant to show how this helps him hit her G-spot.

Here’s another drawing I drew of a guy putting a pillow under his girl’s stomach doggy style. Again, the second drawing is meant to show how this helps him hit her G-spot.

69. Standing Position:

Pick her up, and while you’re standing fuck her. One of my favs. Or, bend her over a bed or table and fuck her from behind (while you’re standing). Very nice.

70. Use sex toys:

Incorporating a vibrator while fucking her can be fun. So, while you’re hitting her G-spot with your dick, you’re stimulating her clit. Nothing wrong with that.

71. Multi-task:

Girls love it when you stimulate two or three body parts while inside her. For example, when you’re fucking her, kiss her tits. Or pull her hair. Or kiss her neck. Or rub her feet. Or kiss her deeply. Or put a finger in her ass. You get the idea. The more stimulation, the merrier.

Multi-tasking is always a good thing. For example, kissing her tits while you're fucking her.

Multi-tasking is always a good thing. For example, kissing her tits while you’re fucking her.

::: PART 9. SETTINGS :::

You can have sex in public. Just don't get caught

You can have sex in public. Just don’t get caught

Change the setting.

Don’t have sex in the same setting over and over again. Just that simple tweak and you avoid sex from becoming old hat. Not only that, you give it spice and variety. And that’s always a good thing.

Here are some ideas:

72. Bend her over a table

73. Bend her over the car

74. Go up her dress in a restaurant

75. Wake her up in the middle of the night

76. Sit her on a desk and eat her out

77. Fuck her in the shower (or bathtub)

78. Fuck her in the kitchen

79. Fuck her in the car

80. Fuck her in an open field

81. On the floor

82. On the beach

83. Under the stars

84. Take her panties off while she’s washing the dishes.

85. On a commercial break.

86. In an airplane, bus, train (thank God for blankets or bathroom stalls)

87. Fuck her in any other public place where you could get caught:

  • back walkway in a shopping mall,
  • empty university classroom,
  • bathroom stall in a bar or store,
  • your office after hours,
  • golf course,
  • cemetery (very peaceful and quiet there),
  • secluded area of a park,
  • in an elevator,
  • against the outside of your building (at night),
  • while sunbathing in the backyard,
  • in an outdoor cafe,
  • in someone’s house (like at a party) where anyone could come in at any time,
  • over the middle bench of a canoe (with a salty mist and a nice breeze).

Hahahaha I love it, love it, love it.

88. Oral or manual sex while driving

89. In the water (ocean, hot tub, lake, river…)

Having sex in the water... talk about adding some excitement

Having sex in the water… talk about adding some excitement


You're about to read about some sweet-ass moves, like in this picture here

You’re about to read about some sweet-ass moves, like in this picture here

For the final installment I’m gonna give you some sweet-ass moves you can use on your woman:

90. Cup her pussy.

Just hold her pussy, maybe rub a little bit. Don’t have to do much else. The pressure of your hand is a turn-on. She’ll start rubbing her pussy in your hand and turn herself on.

91. Massage her ass.

You’ll rub her vaginal lips, and indirectly her clit, too. Does the trick.

92. Rub her clit and G-spot at the same time.

Doubly-whammy, baby!

93. Thrust into the space between her pussy and thighs.

Little tease. Little something different.

Don't put it all the way in yet.

Don’t put it all the way in yet.

94. Slip your tip in, then slide it over her clit.

Drives her wild. Don’t give her what she wants yet. Nice!

95. Put your thigh between her legs.

Let her rub herself on you. Mm-hm.

96. Push her tits together and lick.

Another mm-hm.

97. Watch her masturbate.

Can’t tell you how much I’ve learned about how to please her by watching her please herself. Feel free to masturbate while she’s doing it. Haha

98. Don’t go all the way in yet.

I love this one. Go a half inch for a little while. Then an inch for awhile. Then two inches in for awhile. She’ll be begging you to put it in. DON’T DO IT! Keep teasing her. Inch by tortuous inch. By the time you’re in she’ll have been so close to orgasming, she’ll probably explode. Anticipation baby!

99. Blindfold and stimulate all 5 senses.

Blindfold her. Then titillate each of her senses one by one. GREAT move.

Blindfold her. Then titillate each of her senses one by one. GREAT move.

Women are sensual creatures. While blindfolded, give her some things to TASTE like fruit, wine, whip cream. Give her some stuff to FEEL on her skin, like silk, a feather, your tongue, an ice cube on her thighs, your cock inside her. Give her some things to HEAR, like music playing in the background, you singing or playing an instrument, you reading something hot to her. Give her something to SMELL, like incense or scented candles burning. Finally, give her something to SEE. Take off her blindfold. You’re naked and ready to rip in her half.

100. Stop in the middle of fucking her and just look into her eyes.

She might ask “what are you doing.” Just tell her you want to look into her eyes. Let the good feelings flood over the two of you. Talk about intimacy and an emotional connection.

Emotional connection. ALWAYS a sweet-ass move.

Emotional connection. ALWAYS a sweet-ass move.

101. Look into her eyes while you orgasm.

102. When she’s orgasming, tell her to look into your eyes.

The emotional connection will make it a more intense orgasm for her.

103. Give her a bath.

Have some music playing in the background. Soap her up, rinse, and dry her. Pamper her, take care of her.

104. Role play.

Imagine you’re somewhere, like fucking on a park bench and anyone can walk by at anytime. You can role play stories, too, like she’s the naughty schoolgirl and you’re the principal. Women’s literature gives some great ideas for roleplaying. One book that comes to mind: “If It Feels Good,” by Joan Elizabeth Lloyd. Some great ideas in there.

105. The takeaway:

Technique is only 30% of the game. 70% is psychologically turning on her mind and feelings. Um, yes, I just made up those statistics. My point is simply this.

Her mind is her biggest and best sex organ. Turn THAT on.

The best sex tip there is: turn on her mind and her pussy will follow.

The best sex tip there is: turn on her mind and her pussy will follow.

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  2. shalamarrue88

    I have to say.. if I didn’t know better.. I’d say that this was written with the direct consent, collaboration and correspondence of women who want men to know how to please a woman

    Most men, know most things by trial and error – What pleased him the most sexually out of all his relationships and out of all of his relationships out of the ones that didn’t work out and IF they’re still friends and not enemies, what he can do with a prospective relationship to make it work.

    Still a lot of this is taking what works for you either as a man or as a woman.. because so much of this can work for women in their sexual relationship with their man. And disregarding what doesn’t. Not everyone will like everything and it wont work for every couple.

    Some men really enjoy being served and catered to.
    Again those small things should be rewarded, often a heartfelt “thank you” and “I love you” is all a woman needs.. but she does need to feel appreciated. It’s the appreciation that makes it all count, not the reward.. most of the time men get those two confused.

    It’s not a reward.. it’s appreciation.

    1. renaissan

      I’m taking your first sentence as a compliment.

      Great point and a great reminder about appreciation. Now, couldn’t you say appreciation is another way to turn on a woman’s mind? Of course it is. I know I’m keeping this tip in mind. Thank-you.

  3. Phayeanx

    This article is part of what I like reading… I enjoyed most part of it….I’m looking forward to more exciting and educating articles like this…Thanks alot for this…

    1. renaissan

      What do you mean specifically? What have you tried so far? Have you tried all 105 of these tips? What specific sexual scenario are you looking for tips in–in a new position, a new angle, a new stroke, a new speed, or something else?


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