25 Steps From Meet To Sex

Based on Mystery’s TV show “The Pickup Artist”…

…here are 25 steps to take from before the approach to sex. This is the genius of Mystery and his “Mystery Method.” And it’s highly effective. Especially on the most beautiful women.

The Mystery Method is highly effective in picking up the most beautiful women, like this one (yes, even if it’s Adrianna Lima).



1. Avatar:

Make girls wanna talk to you even before you say a word… with a badass avatar

  • Grooming: showering, smelling good, and no hair sticking out in weird places.
  • Pad and Car: Clean, smelling nice, drinks available.
  • Threads: Accessorize. And have at least one piece of stand-out clothing… like a black or white boa. It gets girls to approach you. And it makes you stand out from the blur of other guys.
David Navarro sporting a boa. Wearing at least one interesting item of clothing often gets women to approach YOU!

2. Know Isolation Spot and Bounce Location

Know where you’re going to isolate girls beforehand
Know where you’re going to bounce girls beforehand. Could be a nearby pizza joint or diner.

Also, have gum (bad breath kills game), condoms (dress for success), and phone (type in phone numbers).



3. Smile. Slow Movements.

Smile=warmth, friendliness. Slow Movements=Confidence.

4. Follow Three Second Rule.

Ask “How’s your night going?” or “Having fun tonight?” to the first persons you see, to EVERYONE… including bouncers and bartenders. Helps you to warm up. And you look sociable, fun. And like you belong.

5. Select a target

…before the approach.

6. Approach the set

…over your shoulder with a prepared opener.

7. Body rock during the opener

…as if you’re about to walk away

8. Deliver your opener.

Talk to the Obstacles and to the Guy First BEFORE the target. Also kino EVERYONE, so it doesn’t look like you’re only after the target.


9. Neg the target right away

…within your first two sentences. This is NOT optional. The longer you wait, the harder it’ll be to do later. Neg within the first 2 sentences. Also known as play-fighting and “flirting.” Creates sexual tension. It also makes you a “challenge” rather than a guy “hitting on her.”

10. Multiple-thread three prepared “attraction” gambits

…to the set. Make sure they include DHV spikes. And they add value to the set, rather than take it away. Address your DHVs to your set, not to your target. Speak with your target only in the language of play-fighting. One of your threads can be a qualifier. Speak slowly, like you’re in charge, and speak with enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is contagious.

11. Lock-in and lean back

…while multiple-threading. For example, lean against the bar or a wall. That way you look like girls are hitting on you. Give a false time constraint while locking in. “I’ve only got a sec, my friends are over there…” Then continue with your prepared story or gambit.

12. Ask “So, how does everyone know each other?”

You’ll get valuable info on the availability of the target, as well as any possible logistic issues.


13.  If she’s not spoken for, state your intent.

Examples:  “I’ve sort of been alienating your friend. Is it all right if I speak to her for a couple of minutes?” They always say, “Uh, sure. If it’s okay with her.” OR “Are you single?” You can qualify the target here while in set or later in isolation.



14. Isolate her and lead her to the couches.

You can isolate the set too (especially if it’s a two-set).

14a. If a two-set is isolated

…have the target sit next to you so she’s in the middle. Make sure to talk with your obstacle on the end.  Perform a rune reading, an ESP test, or any other demonstration that will fascinate and intrigue them. Her friend doesn’t feel excluded. Meanwhile, you’re kino-ing your target.

14b. Isolate target from the two-set.

15. Connect with your target, qualify her, give her a statement-of-interest.

For example, “Beauty is common but what’s rare is a great energy and outlook on life. Tell me, what do you have inside that would make me want to know you as more than a mere face in the crowd?” If she begins to list qualities, this is a positive IOI. This gets her investing and chasing you. Give her an SOI (Statement of Interest) after she qualifies. For example: ”You seem pretty cool.”

NOTE: You can qualify your target earlier before you’ve isolated her, or you can qualify here during isolation. Either way works.

16. Kino escalate towards a kiss.

Trust test is one way here.

17. Kiss gambit.

For example, “On a scale of one to ten, how good of a kisser are you? (Her Answer) Well, let’s find out.” OR “I’m doing everything I can not to kiss you right now. But I’m not even in that headspace.”

18. Kiss her, but break it off first.

No making out in public. Save that for private. Leaves her wanting more too.

19. Close.

Number close by inviting her to an industry mixer with specific date and time. Always invite her to do something you’re already doing, and she can tag along. You’re fine with or without her.

After you get her digits, talk with her for five more minutes to avoid buyer’s remorse. The key to a solid number close: spending at least 25-40 minutes with her.

After you’ve talked for five more minutes you can say “I’m hungry, let’s grab a bite to eat” and you can bounce her to an eatery. An elusive obvious: You don’t have to actually do the thing you said you were going to do. If you can do a “mini-date” now, do it now.


20. Bounce her to another venue.

When you enter a new venue together, for example the eatery, it has the “couple” feel. Also, the more variety of places she has memories of being with you in, the longer it seems that she’s known you.

Spend between 4-10 hours building comfort, 7 hours on average. Less than that you’re in danger of becoming “The Player” and creating buyer’s remorse for your target. More than that you’re in danger of getting “Friend Zoned” by her.


21. Bounce her to seduction location

…your pad (or hers). Give her a NON-sexual reason for coming up. “You should check out my aquarium. It’s really cool. Then I’m kicking you out.” When she’s in the seduction location, don’t pounce. Get her a drink. Talk for a little bit.



22. Foreplay.

You’ve already been kissing her and breaking it off during comfort, right? So, once you’re in private it’s a natural to begin kissing more and to physically escalate.


23. Disarm any last minute resistance.

Disarming resistance: agree, stop, and try again later. You can also preemptively disarm the resistance during comfort by dropping small hints that lets her know you’re going to stick around after you’ve had sex with her.

S-3: SEX

24. First Time Sex.

Have sex twice as a courtesy.

25. Manage expectations.

Send her a text afterwards. See her no more than once or twice a week, unless you want a monogamous relationship. There’s nothing wrong with seeing multiple women. That’s called dating.

Check out Mystery’s TV show “The Pickup Artist Seasons 1 & 2” to see all this in action. You can view it and own it on Amazon’s digital library for $8-$9 for each season. It’s an incredible education.

But the best education, of course, is to get out in the field and practice.

You out in the field killing it.

8 thoughts on “25 Steps From Meet To Sex

  1. Chris

    OMG – Much too complicated…. and in most of the situations completely unnecessary – When I try to remember all these things, I am not present with the woman…
    All I need is to be with her, in eye contact….

    1. renaissan

      Three points:

      1. This is a backwards rationalization of an organic process. Written out it may look complicated. But if I were to write out how to drive a car that might look complicated, too.

      Also, if you were driving a car for the first time you’d probably have to think about what you were doing. But after you drive for awhile it would become intuitive and you wouldn’t have to think about it anymore.

      That’s how it is whenever you learn a new skill, whether playing the piano, drawing, practicing martial arts. It seems complicated at first. You have to think about what you’re doing at first. But through practice it becomes natural and second nature.

      2. Success favors the prepared mind. If you have a plan, you’ll know what to do next. And you’ll be able to take the lead.

      Also, if I were to give this piece of advice “all you need is to be with her” to a guy who wants to succeed with women but isn’t sure what to do, I’m not sure if this would help. But the above plan is specific and practical enough that it can help.

      3. Paradoxically, the more you’re prepared the freer you can “flow.” If I’m walking across a sturdy bridge I have more freedom to be spontaneous than if I were on a rickety bridge that was haphazardly stitched together. Being prepared allows you to be in the moment MORE. And allows you to seamlessly lead a woman to a destination both of you want.

      There’s a lot of wisdom in Mystery’s plan. You miss out on a lot of wealth with an easy dismissal.

      1. Timbo

        Totally, in two years, I can’t stop myself from using this type of thing, it’s so engrained into my personality.

        Its like anything new, it looks intimidating at first, so break it up into 4 steps:

        Intrigue, raport, attraction, and sex.

        I: focus on the first few sentences, and making her interested in talking to you

        R: build a bond with her, share things, secrets, funny stories, but keep it real.

        A: focus on making her attracted to you by using whatever techniques you know, and are comfortable with using. ( There are manipulative techniques that some people are offended by)

        S: make sure that youre killer in bed, don’t let her down, keep her wanting more, in all honesty, this is the goal of all our efforts, so make it worth while.
        (Get her hooked on you, once she’s hooked, she’ll never leave you)

      2. renaissan

        I just want to be clear, this is NOT about manipulation. Manipulation is like a used car salesman who talks you into buying a car you didn’t want (and you feel buyer’s remorse afterward). This is about creating an honest want in her, a win-win. She WANTS you–not for a “mask” you wear but because you actually benefit her in some way.

  2. Cupid_007

    i like what you’ve said about knowing your isolation location and how to bounce to it before going in. isolation is important (1) allows you to kino (2) build rapport, without the judgment of her friends which can hold back both of these factors. it also (3) helps prevent distractions which may arise from her friends acting as cockblockers accidentally

    1. renaissan

      I’d add a fourth. If you don’t spend time with her in isolation (about 25-40 minutes), you’ll get a phone number that flakes. Isolation gets you a solid number close. And makes phone game easier later.

      But you are so right! If you don’t know how you’re gonna isolate her ahead of time, how’re you gonna isolate her when it comes time?

  3. Cupid_007

    interesting point. my guess is that this makes street-approaches, inherently risky, because in many street approaches the girl is in a hurry to go somewhere and this gives you a legitimate time constraint of sometimes only 5-10minutes.

    jermey therefore highlights the necessity of jamming your game into 5 minutes. however, like you mentioned you really do need at least 25 minutes or so, to ensure that the girl does not flake. less than 25 minutes is already entering somewhat risky territory.

    this, among other reasons, has led me to conclude that it stationary girls (like the ones in parks, the library, coffee shops, beach) are better (and easier) to approach than walking-down-the-street girls.

    the additional hidden benefit of gaming in girls that are stationary is that you also get much more practice with them which helps improve your game a lot faster. it’s better to start out with stationary girls and then once your game is tight, move on to walking sets. (in my opinion, it takes a great deal of skill, to consistently stop walking sets for more than a minute).


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