Here are some fun pictures of beautiful women. These come from comics.

Spider-Man and Mary-Jane

I love this picture. It shows the secret to success with women. Don’t make your woman #1. Make your mission in life #1. She might seem disappointed at first.

But inside she admires much more this type of man than the type of man who grovels.

We’ll inevitable get this question. How do you respond? If you say no, the danger is entering “mr. nice guy” land. Obviously never ever tell her she looks fat either. The best response is to agree… jokingly. “Yeah… I wasn’t going to say anything.” She’ll hit you on the arm. That’s a good thing. Hehe

Yes, every man’s fantasy is to hold a woman like that. But there’s great lessons here. See how Mary-Jane just relaxes and surrenders in Spidey’s arms? Women yearn for this. See how Spidey is like a rock? Solid, strong, still, protective. That’s the role we want to play with women.

Dean Yeagle

This guy is one of my favorite cartoonists. He draws a lot for Playboy. These are in here just because I love them.



Some more fun comics.

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