Fun Videos

Marrying high-brow art with low-brow subjects. Reading on a vibrator. Haha By photographer Clayton Cubitt. Love it.

Best Pole Dance ever.

Another great pole dance.

Fantastic booty shake. Oh mommy.

Fun history of fashion in the 20th century (reblogged from

Great video about how we’re all one.

The ideal woman:

Hilarious theory about women:

Don’t give up the journey. Keep on the path.

A hot woman walking down the street.
A beautiful video of a woman performing yoga.
Pure eye candy.
Kendra Sunderland Oregon State Library Video:
The Blurred Lines Video:
What it’s like to be a beautiful woman:
Fantastic video on leadership.
Will Smith on being successful
Art Williams on success and leadership. Awesome.
Here’s a fascinating 1:17 video of a model before and after a photo shoot. You won’t see a woman who looks like the woman in a magazine  because even the model doesn’t look like the woman in the magazine.
Hilarious video demystifying women:
Fantastic video on money. Tony Robbins talks about his new book “Money: Master the Game.”
Every person should watch this person about how the economy works. Enlightening.
Choose love not fear. Well-articulated.
Interesting idea about thinking and the future of civilization. Also, I love how engaging this man is.

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