Don’t Give a Damn What Anybody Thinks About You

Who cares what she thinks about you? Just give her “feeling good.” No need to get anything in return.

“Having a lot of money has nothing to do with being a success in life. You’re a success in life when you wake up! Then you don’t have to apologize to anyone, you don’t have to explain anything to anyone, you don’t give a damn what anybody thinks about you or what anybody says about you. You have no worries; you’re happy. That’s what I call being a success…

(Those who are worried what people think of them–even if rich and famous)… are controlled, so manipulated. They are unhappy people, they are miserable people. They don’t enjoy life. They are constantly tense and anxious. Do you call that human? And do you know why that happens? Only one reason: They identified with some label. They identified the “I” with their money or their job or their profession or (what women thought of them).”

-Anthony DeMello, “Obstacles to Happiness” in Awareness

Don’t worry what women–or anybody–thinks of you. Connect with reality. Who cares about getting “esteem” from others? Irony: when you don’t care what a woman thinks about you, you’ll become more successful with women.

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