Interview with Neil Strauss

Here’s an interview with Neil Strauss giving a great overview of what pickup is about.

Pickup is like this cultural phenomenon. It allows ANY guy to become more successful with women. It’s a science (a body of knowledge) and an art (a skill that takes intuition) at the same time.

The phenomenon of pickup is like the movie “Fight Club.” Remember how Edward Norton and Brad Pitt talk about how we guys are a generation raised by women? And how it’s almost as if we guys are losing a little bit of our manhood trying to please women?

Pickup is like a balm for that wound. “It’s okay to be a man” seems to be one of its underlying messages. But it’s way more productive than a “Fight Club.” Haha Could that be one reason why it’s become such a cultural phenomenon?

Of course the fact it makes being more successful with women a lot easier doesn’t hurt either.

Anyway, this video is all about what pickup is, and how it’s become a cultural phenomenon. It’s fantastic.

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