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Like the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s one thing to read about pickup, it’s another thing to SEE it in action.

One reason so many of us guys have gotten stuck during our pickup journey is because we’re inundated with THEORY. Theory is great if you want to take a midterm exam, but it’s next to USELESS in the field.

Then we get criticized by all the “gurus” for only reading about pickup rather than getting out into the field. Well, duh! That’s how we’re being taught. Students reflect their teachers.

Anyway, I wanted to give you a few videos so you can SEE attraction and pickup in action. That way your subconscious will pick up lessons you can’t from just reading. Watch and learn. And you’ll be better prepared what to do in the field.

I categorized the videos into the three phases of pickup: Attract, Comfort, and Seduction.

Within each phase I further organized videos by pickup artist:

ATTRACT — Mystery, Style, Cajun, Nick Sparks, and Movie Scenes.

COMFORT —  Style and a Movie Scene.

SEDUCTION — Nick Sparks and Movie Scenes.

Here they are:


I. Mystery

1. On Mastery

2. On The 5 Attraction Switches

3. On Creating Attraction

4. On Kino Escalation

Clip 1:

Clip 2:

Clip 3:

Clip 4:

Clip 5:

Clip 6:

5. From VH1’s “The Pickup Artist,” Season 1. You can watch the full season 1 & 2 on Amazon.com for under $10

Lesson #1: How To Open A Set

Lesson #2: Microcalibration & Body Language

Lesson #3: Getting Digits

Lesson #4: Flashing DHV’s

6. Handling Shit Tests

7. In Action:



Great demo of an attraction gambit appears at about 1:47 in

8. Mystery and Style on ABC Primetime Special

II. Style

Style on Frame Control:

III. Cajun

IV. Nick Sparks


V. Movie Scenes

The Mask: A demonstration of Social Freedom.

I couldn’t find five of the following clips on YouTube, but I’ll tell you which the scenes I was trying to find.

Knight and Day: In the opening airplane scene, watch how Tom Cruise is leaned back and Cameron Diaz chases him.

Love and Other Drugs: In the opening scene, watch how Jake Gyllenhaal banters with all the girls. He’s full of good feeling and spreads it. This creates attraction.

Crazy Stupid Love: There’s a montage in the middle of the movie showing Ryan Gosling picking up women simply by qualifying them. In the clip below though, watch Ryan Gosling’s sense of style, calm, and how he’s leaned back and relaxed.

Star Wars: Han Solo bantering with Princess Leia

Gone With The Wind: Rhett Butler bantering with Scarlett. He’s in control of himself and her.

Ferris Bueler’s Day Off: The scene between Charlie Sheen and Jennifer Grey… the clip I wanted to show I couldn’t find. I wanted to show the scene where Jennifer Grey is very attracted and giggly after the scene below. Getting girls giggly = good. But below, watch Charlie Sheen’s focus. He cuts through the bullshit, doesn’t kiss ass, not afraid of being real.

Hitch: In the opening scene, there’s a great demonstration of a roll off. One of Hitch’s students is in a museum gallery. Instead of being attached to the girl the whole time, he rolls off and gives her some space. Always an attractive move. Also, the tip about when kissing the girl, come in 90% and let her come the rest is a good one.


Style: Conversation Topics

Annie Hall: The Kiss as Comfort Building


Nick Sparks


Don Juan De Marco

“How a woman must be touched…” appears about 5:23 in:

Twilight: I know, I know, it’s Twilight. But this first kiss scene is a major turn on for women. We can learn something from it. For example, how he comes in slowly and seductively for the kiss, tells her what to do, and then pulls away from the kiss to create major sexual tension. Watch and learn.

Let me know what you think, and if there are any other scenes you think I should add. I hope these videos help.

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