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The word “Slut” is Bullshit

Let’s talk about “Last Minute Resistance” for a sec.

There’s a myth about this.

The myth is you have to deal with a woman’s last minute resistance to having sex with you right before sex.

Of course getting that last minute resistance does happen.

But if you deal with last minute resistance EARLIER in your game, by eliminating the word “slut” from your vocabulary, you won’t have to deal with the resistance so late.

Often times her resistance has to do with not feeling comfortable enough having sex after meeting you so soon.

She doesn’t want to be seen as a “slut.”┬áIf she resists, it makes her feel like she’s not being slutty.

She needs to feel like it “just happened”…

you’re not going to judge her…

her friends aren’t going to judge her…

you’re not going to never call her again…

you’re not going to broadcast the news over the internet.

So, make it clear having sex is AWESOME! It DOES NOT EQUAL slut. And take the decision-making process out of her hands. YOU take the lead, so she doesn’t have to take responsibility for it. Make it so that she can tell her friends “it just happened” or “it was his fault.”

Most important, make it clear earlier during your comfort-building conversation you respect women who are adventurous, spontaneous, who love sex. Plant that seed early on and she’ll be less likely to resist sex later on at the last minute.

When you’re NON-JUDGMENTAL, you AVOID last minute resistance, and you make her feel comfortable with sex.

But that’s not the only reason you should eliminate the word “slut” from your vocabulary.

Honest-to-God the whole concept is…




There’s no equivalent word for a man. I mean the word is derogatory. It’s an insult for women. What word is there in our language to insult men for sleeping with lots of women?

What’s that you say?

Male slut? Pimp? Ladies’ Man?

Compliments. All of ’em.

Why? Why is it a compliment for men to sleep with lots of women but it’s wrong for women to have that same freedom?

In logic, when two premises collide like this, it’s called inconsistency. Inconsistency is an invalid argument.

Language is funny. You can actually create a reality out of language.

What do I mean?

Man and woman having sex. Sheer fact. Nothing good, nothing bad about it.

Then you apply the word “slut” to the woman.

All of a sudden, it makes a woman feel uneasy, nervous, guilty… basically like shit… for something that’s…


A FACT of life… that BOTH the man and woman are doing.

A fact of life that’s creative, pleasurable, brings life into the world, binds people together, loving.

A fact of life that’s GORGEOUS.

Slut = moralistic judgment based on a human construction, not reality.

The word “slut” is bullshit. The sooner you get rid of that thinking, the sooner women will want to fuck your brains out.

Make her feel safe. A no-slut zone does just that.