4 thoughts on “The Ideal Woman”

  1. LOL.
    I agree about letting the guy do his thing. I don’t get girls who think they have to do EVERYTHING with their boyfriend or husband. I get bored so I encourage him to hang with his friends or do a hobby! And nagging should be illegal.

    1. Exactly! You should start training women. Haha. We’ll make this world one happy place.

      By the way, working on an ebook I’m psyched about. I based an entire chapter on a passing comment you made on Social Kenny’s website. Something about the four things women are thinking when guys approach. Fantastic insight. Obviously, I gave you full credit for the insight. But anyway, the chapter kinda sucked before your comment. Now it kicks ass. So, thank-you for that!

      And for the female perspective. Can’t tell you how much it helps us guys.

      1. Ha! Don’t remember what I said but didn’t you write a blog post about it? It’s always good to hear that the smack I talk has helped someone.
        Blogs from the male perspective has helped me understand so much too! So thank you.

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