10 thoughts on “Video – Be The Selector

  1. bossymoksie

    Nice vid! Well spoken and you didn’t have anything embarrassing in the background.
    Also great advice. I think both sexes should be qualifying each other. Not only to improve your game but so you can see who that person is and what the compatibility is. But yeah, women respond more to men who aren’t fawning over them all the time and instead interact with them like they are a real person. Because we are!

    1. renaissan

      THANK-YOU for the kind words! I liked your comment about not having anything embarrassing in the background. That made me laugh.

      I agree BOTH sexes should be qualifying each other. It just seems women have this natural knack for qualifying guys (maybe to screen out all those winners hitting on them). It doesn’t seem to come as naturally for us (probably because we get so desperate to impress, impress, impress).

      As for guys and girls interacting like they’re real people… EXACTLY! That was my whole point. To find the spirit in each other. Fawning over each other doesn’t cut it. I used to fawn. Not fun.

      1. bossymoksie

        lol, you know sometimes people forget about the background!
        Don’t get me wrong, I love some fawning, but then I only see you as a fan and not much else.

  2. mailmidnight

    To try to impress is weak so it’s obviously unattractive. Maybe to be the dancing monkey is the worst case.

    In my opinion it’s good be aware of it… of her shit tests. Your frame VS. her frame.
    On the other side the self is always coming trough. You can’t fake it on the long road.
    (so it’s good to enjoy the interaction and to have rules)

    It’s strange I never was a natural but over the time and the experience with so many girls I made huge progress. Alone that I was aware of the frame games beside the fun interaction … I was able to change it.

    Btw your rhythm nice and you have a very agreeable voice.
    Hope to see more vids.

    PS: it’s nice to let her work. So before you do something for her she must do an animal noise or something like that so much more fun.

    1. renaissan

      Thank-you for encouraging words! Makes me want to make even more videos.

      And I love your suggestions about the animal noises, and just making the interaction fun. Exactly! That’s what it’s all about. Instead of talking to her like she’s this unapproachable goddess from the heavens, lean back, let her so some work, tease, have fun.

  3. mailmidnight

    PPS: Naturals don’t know what they are doing they do it right but don’t be aware of it.
    So if a person is not a natural on the long road he can overtake the natural.
    That’s the good news you can learn this stuff.
    Very short clip with full of value. Most people talks to much like me haha

    1. renaissan

      I could not agree more! That’s why the guys who take the time to learn how to get better with women have an advantage of the naturals. It’s more conscious and therefore the success is more repeatable.

      I wonder to what extent there are naturals though? Because I don’t think anyone’s born with this skill of being successful with women. True, the naturals maybe never read any books, but I’ll bet they still learned by maybe watching people who were good with women.

      I still agree with you though. Being able to articulate what you’re doing makes you even more aware, successful and even better… able to teach it to other guys.

  4. Master Yoda

    I will probably get banned from this blog, but who cares, here’s my 2c worth. PUA is bullshit, because women only care about looks or money, and if you haven’t got either, you are fucked.

    Picking up women is not a SKILL, and it never has been, women make up their mind about you within the first few seconds of seeing you, and if they don’t like what they see, IT’S GAME OVER.

    And for your information WOMEN are the choosers, not men.

    1. renaissan

      I wouldn’t ban you from my blog just because you have a different take than me. Not my style. I appreciate all comments and questions.

      I agree with you women choose men.

      However, what I’m talking about here isn’t the “facts” of that matter. What I’m talking about is an attitude.

      Switching from the attitude of chasing women and “trying hard” to impress them to… women chasing you because you see yourself as a prize. As well as choosing women based on something deeper than their looks or because she shows interest in you. That’s a switch to an attitude of confidence.

      A confident attitude attracts women. Money and looks notwithstanding.


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