Mastery with Women

Mastery with women can seem like it’s concealed

Is mastery of success with women possible?

There’s a book called “Mastery” by George Leonard.

Highly recommended.

In it, Leonard says mastery isn’t a final place of arrival. It’s simply a practice. In other words, mastery isn’t a goal or destination, but rather a process or journey. He makes the point that mastery isn’t a special ticket available only for the super-talented, it’s available to anyone who’s willing to get on the path and stay on it, despite any obstacles or plateaus that we’ll inevitably encounter.

In Double Your Dating, David DeAngelo, following Leonard’s wisdom, claimed it takes about 2-4 years just to get “good” at something. And that’s JUST TO GET GOOD. (page 21 of DYD) Like martial arts, or playing an instrument, it takes time to master an art. Then David D speculates it takes another 2-4 years to become a “master.”

In Neil Strauss’s Annihilation video series, Mystery said he thought that when a pickup artist could approach 5 beautiful women in a row and each approach resulted in a “sexual” relationship of some sort, a pickup artist could be said to have achieved mastery.

But Leonard says even when you’re at these levels, you’re still not a master unless you keep the attitude of you’re a beginner. In other words, if you get complacent, you’ll lose it. More importantly, I think his point was we’ll always have more to learn.

So, there’s no final place. Not even a Medal of Honor makes someone a master. Mastery is just being on the path, a never-ending path of growth.

I still want to master success with women. But I have to remind myself that I’m not on this journey for glory, but for the deep joy that comes from practicing and growing.

So from Leonard’s perspective, mastery with women is absolutely possible—as long as we keep at it.

A never-ending path of growth–mastery with women unconcealed

4 thoughts on “Mastery with Women

  1. mailmidnight

    I thought about the comment from Mystery a lot
    5 girls 5 sexual relationships.
    It’s more a question of quality not quantity. Really 5 hot girls ???

    In the Mind Of Mystery program (the first version with the infield DVD)
    Mystery approached a lot of girls. Every time he failed until he kissed the older lady.
    I spoke with some guys of the community about it. Most of them made fun of Mystery

    (even Mystery failed with some approaches, his performance was stil perfect, his hypnotic voice, his negs, bodylanguage so even Mystery failed I can see his genius shining through.)


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