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Sex Tips, Part 7: Talking

Credit: http://flowingdata.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/flow_sex.jpg

The good and the bad of what to say in bed. Click on the picture to view it full size. Credit: http://flowingdata.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/flow_sex.jpg

1. Before sex: “Can’t wait to rip your clothes off tonight.” “You look so hot, I can’t make it though the day unless I have you right now.” “Can’t wait to fuck you tonight.” “What panties are you wearing?” “I’m getting hard just thinking about what I’m going to do to you when I get home.”

2. Dirty Talk During Sex: Say what you’re feeling or thinking. Use X-rated words. “Like the way my hard cock feels in your wet pussy?” “Your pussy feels so good.” “You’re so wet and tight.” “I love the way my dick slides in your hot, wet pussy.” “Baby you’ve got the best {fill in body part of choice}”

Use X-rated words. Credit: www.weoutthere.net

Use X-rated words. Credit: www.weoutthere.net

3. Compliment her tits: “I love your tits.” “Your tits are so hot.”

4. Compliment her pussy: “I love the way you taste.” “You’ve got such a gorgeous pussy.”

5. Compliment her as a lover: “You’re the best I’ve ever had.”

6. Tell her how excited she makes you: “You turn me on so much.” “You excite me so much.”

7. Make sounds: I got this from Alex Allman. You know how a guy will go “hiya!” before a karate chop? Making that sound gets his “chi” moving, and gives him a dose of strength. Do the same thing in bed. When you make sounds (rather than be all silent) it gets your “chi” going. It gives you a dose of strength and domination. Makes you more passionate. And just like her sounds turn us on, our sounds turn her on.

The big takeaway: don’t be silent in bed. Stimulate her mind. Talk to her in bed, and express yourself.

Dirty talk is a big thumbs up. Credit: rottenecards.com

Dirty talk is always a big thumbs up. Credit: rottenecards.com

How to Give a Girl a Compliment


Compliments are just an awkward thing.

Wanna know how to give a woman a compliment the proper way? Compliment yourself.

Let’s say she has nice eyes. You might say something like this. “You’ve got nice eyes. They’re almost as nice as mine.”

That’s how you give a girl a compliment.

Here’s the rationale. A hot chick in a club or bar has been complimented and told she’s beautiful so many times, it doesn’t even mean anything.

It smells like you’re kissing her ass so you can get into her pants. Be different. Stay away from compliments. Compliment yourself.

When you get her into bed THEN compliment her. Tell her how beautiful her pussy is. Or how great she tastes. When you’re fucking her it’s a good thing to tell her how hot she looks. That’s the best time to compliment her.

If you MUST compliment her before you’ve gotten her into bed–here’s a few tips.

TIP #1. Make sure she’s earned it. First, qualify her. “What’ve you got going for you besides your looks?” If you genuinely like what you hear, THEN you can compliment her. “Damn, you seem cool. I wanna get to know you better.” She’s earned the compliment. It’s not even a compliment. It’s a statement of truth.

TIP #2. Make the compliment insightful. “Nice earrings” is lame. “I like the way the blue in the earrings matches your eyes. It looks like a Native American style.” Better. There’s details and specifics. If it’s insightful, it’s more honest.

TIP #3. Add something negative to the compliment. “You’re special… in that short bus to school sort of way.” “You’re everything I never wanted.” “You’re the most awesomest girl I’ve met… in the last 30 seconds.” “Check this girl out. She’s amazing and so bright and funny. Would you believe she’s never had a date?”

Actually this isn’t a compliment. It’s a diss. You pretend you give her a compliment, then take it away at the last moment. But it’s fuuuuun! Haha

Anyway, show appreciation to your woman only if it’s SINCERE–not to “get” her approval–but like you’re stating a truth, making an observation. And of course compliment her during sex, and during a relationship. But when you FIRST meet her, as a rule of thumb, don’t compliment her. It can smell of an ulterior motive. Compliment yourself.