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Sex Tips, Part 10: Some Sweet-Ass Moves


You’re about to read about some sweet-ass moves, like in this picture here

For the final installment I’m gonna give you some sweet-ass moves you can use on your woman:

1. Cup her pussy. Just hold her pussy, maybe rub a little bit. Don’t have to do much else. The pressure of your hand is a turn-on. She’ll start rubbing her pussy in your hand and turn herself on.

2. Massage her ass. You’ll rub her vaginal lips, and indirectly her clit, too. Does the trick.

3. Rub her clit and G-spot at the same time. Doubly-whammy, baby!

4. Thrust into the space between her pussy and thighs. Little tease. Little something different.

Don't put it in yet.

Don’t put it all the way in yet.

5. Slip your tip in, then slide it over her clit. Drives her wild. Don’t give her what she wants yet. Nice!

6. Put your thigh between her legs. Let her rub herself on you.

7. Push her tits together and lick.

8. Watch her masturbate. Can’t tell you how much I’ve learned about how to please her by watching her please herself. Feel free to masturbate while she’s doing this.

9. Don’t go all the way in yet. I love this one. Go a half inch for a little while. Then an inch for awhile. Then two inches in for awhile. She’ll be begging you to put it in. DON’T DO IT! Keep teasing her. Inch by tortuous inch. By the time you’re in she’ll have been so close to orgasming, she’ll probably explode. Anticipation baby!

10. Blindfold and stimulate all 5 senses.

Blindfold her. Then titillate each of her senses one by one. GREAT move.

Blindfold her. Then titillate each of her senses one by one. GREAT move.

Women are sensual creatures. While blindfolded, give her some things to TASTE like fruit, wine, whip cream. Give her some stuff to FEEL on her skin, like silk, a feather, your tongue, an ice cube on her thighs, your cock inside her. Give her some things to HEAR, like music playing in the background, you singing or playing an instrument, you reading something hot to her. Give her something to SMELL, like incense or scented candles burning. Finally, give her something to SEE. Take off her blindfold. You’re naked and ready to rip in her half.

11. Stop in the middle of fucking her and just look into her eyes. She might ask “what are you doing.” Just tell her you want to look into her eyes. Let the good feelings flood over the two of you. Talk about intimacy and an emotional connection.

Emotional connection. ALWAYS a sweet-ass move.

Emotional connection. ALWAYS a sweet-ass move.

12. Look into her eyes while you orgasm.

13. When she’s orgasming, tell her to look into your eyes. The emotional connection will make it a more intense orgasm for her.

14. Give her a bath. Have some music playing in the background. Soap her up, rinse, and dry her. Pamper her, take care of her.

15. Role play. Imagine you’re somewhere, like fucking on a park bench and anyone can walk by at anytime. You can role play stories, too, like she’s the naughty schoolgirl and you’re the principal. Women’s literature gives some great ideas for roleplaying. One book that comes to mind: “If It Feels Good,” by Joan Elizabeth Lloyd. Some great ideas in there.

The takeaway: technique is only 30% of the game. 70% is psychologically turning on her mind and feelings. Um, yes, I just made up those statistics. My point is simply this. Her mind is her biggest and best sex organ. Turn THAT on.


The best sex tip there is: turn on her mind and her pussy will follow.

Sex Tips, Part 5: Licking The Love Button


1. Start slow.

2. Explore her whole pussy first.

clitoris and vagina

Don’t dive into the clitoris right away. Explore her whole vagina first.

Warm her up. Kiss her thighs. Let her feel anticipation and sexual tension. In other words, stimulate her feelings. Her clit is just an appendage.

3. Show you’re excited about going down on her. SHE’LL get excited. No being mechanic about it. Eat with GUSTO. “I love the way you taste.” “Mmmm.” “You have such a gorgeous pussy.” “Fuck! This turns me on so much.” By the way, she’ll be able to tell if you mean it or not. So, mean it. The point is to stimulate her feelings. That’s her biggest sex organ.

4. Lick the clit INdirectly.


The clit is like the head of our penis… except there are even MORE nerve endings. Something like 8,000. A little trivia: the upper right quadrant is the most sensitive part.

It’s so sensitive, it can’t always take direct stimulation. Here’s some ideas how to lick INDIRECTLY.

  • circles around the clit
  • lick skin over it
  • suck her clit
  • sandwich clit between labia, move around in a circular motion

Hell yeah!

5. When you find a rhythm she likes, stick to it. Don’t switch speeds or strokes. It’s too erratic and breaks her concentration. I know, you’d think the variety helps. It doesn’t. You want STEADY. The same rhythm over and over. The repetition lets the sexual pleasure build higher and higher and higher in her… until she explodes.

>>> NOTE: If you’re doing all this, the only other thing in the way of her exploding might be her mind. Sometimes her thoughts can get in the way. See? I told you her mind (or feelings) is her most important sex organ. Help her to calm her mind, and relax. That way she can focus on the now and explode. Here are some ideas:

6. Be relaxed yourself. She can pick up on how you feel. If you’re relaxed and enjoying yourself, she can relax and enjoy herself.

7. STOP in the middle of licking her. Seriously. Feel her tits, kiss her. Keeps that human-to-human, emotional connection. And the break might help take a little pressure off her. Then continue where you left off. Added bonus: keeps her guessing what you’re gonna do next. Anticipation and sexual tension baby!

8. Sometimes she gets self-conscious that it’s taking her awhile. Assure her it’s totally normal to take a while, and you ENJOY doing this. It’s not just about pleasing her. You actually LIKE doing this for your own pleasure.

While we’re on the subject, give a woman AT LEAST 15 minutes. Could take shorter, could take longer. Could take shorter if she’s already WAY turned on before you start licking her. Longer if she wasn’t as warmed up yet. Either way, make yourself comfortable. You’re not going anywhere. Enjoy the meal. It’s like boiling a pot of water. It takes a while, but when it boils… watch out.

9. Multitask. Feel her tits while you’re licking her. Doubles the sensations, yes. But also, stimulating her above the waist… shows you’re making love to her as a human being rather than just a clit. Again, adds that emotional element. Keeps her mind on the present moment, feeling the pleasure.

10. After you’ve licked her for a while and gotten her wet… Finger her G-spot.

G spot

Go past the rough part just a little bit. You’ll know when you’ve found it. It can take more pressure than the clit.

Talk about doubling the sensation and keeping her mind on the pleasure. There’s a reason why the rabbit vibrator is so popular. It stimulates her clit and G-spot at the same time.

rabbit vibrator

The “Rabbit.” It stimulates her G-spot and clitoris at the same time. We can learn from the Rabbit.

We’re better than the rabbit, though, and here’s why. Our tongues have a natural wetness that  feels great on her clit. I learned that from my girl, and it was a revelation to me.

And, of course, the human-to-human emotional connection. Can’t get it from a machine. That’s why when you lick her clit, don’t do it like a machine. Make sure to stimulate her mind and feelings, too.

In fact, her feelings and her mind… enjoying yourself, making her feel relaxed and desired… that’s the most important thing to stimulate. Maybe even more than her clit.