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Sex Tips, Part 10: Some Sweet-Ass Moves


You’re about to read about some sweet-ass moves, like in this picture here

For the final installment I’m gonna give you some sweet-ass moves you can use on your woman:

1. Cup her pussy. Just hold her pussy, maybe rub a little bit. Don’t have to do much else. The pressure of your hand is a turn-on. She’ll start rubbing her pussy in your hand and turn herself on.

2. Massage her ass. You’ll rub her vaginal lips, and indirectly her clit, too. Does the trick.

3. Rub her clit and G-spot at the same time. Doubly-whammy, baby!

4. Thrust into the space between her pussy and thighs. Little tease. Little something different.

Don't put it in yet.

Don’t put it all the way in yet.

5. Slip your tip in, then slide it over her clit. Drives her wild. Don’t give her what she wants yet. Nice!

6. Put your thigh between her legs. Let her rub herself on you.

7. Push her tits together and lick.

8. Watch her masturbate. Can’t tell you how much I’ve learned about how to please her by watching her please herself. Feel free to masturbate while she’s doing this.

9. Don’t go all the way in yet. I love this one. Go a half inch for a little while. Then an inch for awhile. Then two inches in for awhile. She’ll be begging you to put it in. DON’T DO IT! Keep teasing her. Inch by tortuous inch. By the time you’re in she’ll have been so close to orgasming, she’ll probably explode. Anticipation baby!

10. Blindfold and stimulate all 5 senses.

Blindfold her. Then titillate each of her senses one by one. GREAT move.

Blindfold her. Then titillate each of her senses one by one. GREAT move.

Women are sensual creatures. While blindfolded, give her some things to TASTE like fruit, wine, whip cream. Give her some stuff to FEEL on her skin, like silk, a feather, your tongue, an ice cube on her thighs, your cock inside her. Give her some things to HEAR, like music playing in the background, you singing or playing an instrument, you reading something hot to her. Give her something to SMELL, like incense or scented candles burning. Finally, give her something to SEE. Take off her blindfold. You’re naked and ready to rip in her half.

11. Stop in the middle of fucking her and just look into her eyes. She might ask “what are you doing.” Just tell her you want to look into her eyes. Let the good feelings flood over the two of you. Talk about intimacy and an emotional connection.

Emotional connection. ALWAYS a sweet-ass move.

Emotional connection. ALWAYS a sweet-ass move.

12. Look into her eyes while you orgasm.

13. When she’s orgasming, tell her to look into your eyes. The emotional connection will make it a more intense orgasm for her.

14. Give her a bath. Have some music playing in the background. Soap her up, rinse, and dry her. Pamper her, take care of her.

15. Role play. Imagine you’re somewhere, like fucking on a park bench and anyone can walk by at anytime. You can role play stories, too, like she’s the naughty schoolgirl and you’re the principal. Women’s literature gives some great ideas for roleplaying. One book that comes to mind: “If It Feels Good,” by Joan Elizabeth Lloyd. Some great ideas in there.

The takeaway: technique is only 30% of the game. 70% is psychologically turning on her mind and feelings. Um, yes, I just made up those statistics. My point is simply this. Her mind is her biggest and best sex organ. Turn THAT on.


The best sex tip there is: turn on her mind and her pussy will follow.

Sex Tips, Part 1: Getting Prepped

Getting prepped

Getting prepped.

I’m gonna dig into one of my favorite subjects here.


You can have your inner and outer-games together, but if you don’t know what to do with her when you get her into bed, she might not be coming back to you for more.

Here’s some sex tips I’ve learned along the way. There’s a few here, so I’m gonna split them into separate posts. Starting with how to prep, and going all the way to intercourse.

Hell, yeah.

As you could probably tell from the title of this one, this post is all about how to get prepped.

>>>TIP #1. Masturbate.

Wait, wait, wait. Isn’t masturbation bad?

Well, like my basketball coach used to say, practice don’t make perfect. PERFECT practice makes perfect.

Same thing with sex. And masturbation is your practice.¬†How you masturbate is how you’ll perform. Bust a nut FAST… guess what? That’s probably how you’ll be with her.

By the way, WARNING: Ejaculating too often weakens your shit.


DON’T ejaculate.


I know, I know. Seems crazy. I thought the same thing.

But here’s the thing. You can actually orgasm without ejaculating. Swear to God.

They’re two separate physical functions. We’re used to experiencing them happening together, so we’ve come to believe they’re the same. They’re not. And you can train yourself to separate one from the other.


Rate your sexual excitement from 1 – 10. 10 is orgasm. 1 is Janet Reno on a cold day. When you get to 7, back off. Masturbate again until you get to 8, then back off again. Masturbate again until you get to 9, then back off.

It takes a shit load of practice and discipline. To be honest, it took me about 9 months. But I had a lot of fun along the way. I mean… who said that?

And, don’t worry. Guys have succeeded in getting non-ejaculatory orgasms in way less time than I did.

But goddam, it feels so good, you just want to come. So, it’s a bitch and a half. If you come, no worries. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just keep at. Soon, you’ll be orgasming without ejaculating. I promise.

Here’s another tip about lasting longer. When you focus too much sexual energy in your cock, you spew. Same thing when you tense up your groin muscles. Tension makes you ejaculate.

So, relax your groin muscles. You last longer. Magic!

Also, move the sexual energy away from your cock and move it throughout your body. You kinda have to use your imagination to do this.

First, feel the sexual energy in your body. Usually, you’ll feel it down there. Then, when you inhale, breathe the energy away from your cock down to your toes… or up to your head… or your chest… or wherever you want.

This allows you to have an “internal” orgasm, rather than an “external” one. And when you can have an internal orgasm, you can have multiple orgasms, too. I know I have.

I’m aware that this sounds a little crazy. It did to me when I first heard it. But open your mind and try it out. When you experience it, you’ll know what I mean.

Here’s the biggest pay off.

You train yourself to enjoy the “process” of sex rather than rush to the climax. This heightened awareness helps you become a better lover. When you’re fully present with the woman you’re with, you get to enjoy the real fun in sex. Not the climax, but the here and now.

So, again, the way you masturbate is how you perform. Practice NOT ejaculating.

>>>TIP #2. Trim your nails.

If you finger her and your nails aren’t trimmed, you can seriously hurt her. Trim your nails.

>>>TIP #3. Shave.

That stubble can feel like 60-grit sandpaper on her face and thighs. Shave, so you don’t hurt her.

>>>TIP #4. Keep condoms handy.

Keep em under the pillow. Then when it’s time to put it in, you don’t have to go hunting for one. It’s right there. Also, keep one in the car console, in case you don’t make it to the bedroom.

>>>TIP #5. Keep lube handy.

You can never have too much lube. Extra lube helps with clit stimulation, G-spot stimulation, and deep-spot stimulation. Certain lubes can also work great for massages, too. And as you and I know, massages are PRIMO in getting women in the mood.


What happens when you give a woman a massage 

Lesson? You can never have too much lube. Keep the mo-fo handy.