Hey, I’m Renaissan. Welcome to “Whet Your Woman.”

This blog is all about how to attract women. I wanna be upfront and spill the secret right here. Wanna know how to attract women?


It’s how you make her feel. Make her feel good, she’ll be drawn to you. Make her feel icky, she won’t be drawn to you. Have positive energy… it’s the equivalent of male cleavage.

I know that sounds almost TOO simple. But it’s true. Women are emotional creatures. How you make them feel is where you create attraction.

Now, wanna know how to create attraction IMMEDIATELY?

Playfully fight with her. Push her away in the context of “romance”… like she’s hitting on you and YOU’RE the prize (not her). In other words, YOU’RE dominant (read: masculine), and she’s cute (read: feminine).

At the same time, give her a little appreciation, too. If you push her away too much you might push her away completely. Soften the fighting with a little appreciation like, “I like your style,” or “You seem really cool.”

Voila! This magic combination… a little spice, a little sweetness…  creates MASSIVE attraction. Breaks the ice, makes her laugh, and sparks SEXUAL TENSION. You NEED sexual tension to create attraction.

And what about how to create attraction that LASTS?

Share yourself, but share stuff that’s POSITIVE. Not complaining or putting yourself down. And not in a “small talk,” logical way either. Speak with enthusiasm. In a way that makes her FEEL positive feelings.

Next, ask about her and get curious about her. Listen, and be attuned to how she’s feeling. When you’ve discovered something cool about her as as a person, call it out. Give her some genuine appreciation. Buuuut not on her looks quite yet. Wait until you get her into bed for that. But do appreciate her as a person, on her qualities, you know… specific details you observe only of her. She needs to FEEL beautiful from the inside out. This anchors the attraction with substance and makes it last.

Seeing the pattern here though? It’s all about making her feel.

By the way, I want to give credit where credit is due. I learned the above from Mystery. He calls the above by different names: neg for play-fighting, DHV for sharing yourself, and qualify/SOI (statement-of-interest) for appreciating her.

The man I learned a lot of this stuff from: Mystery

The man I learned a lot of this stuff from: Mystery


Anyway, doesn’t it seem like girls have it easier than us when it comes to attraction? Basically, if they look hot enough, BAM. We’re attracted. They could be ditzy or bitchy or wearing the wrong shoes. Doesn’t matter. If she’s hot enough, we’ll still wanna bang her.

Different story for us. We could have the looks of Brad Pitt, but if we wear the wrong shoes or say the wrong thing, she’s gone. Women are attracted less by looks and more to things like status, personality, but above all how you make them feel. That’s good news, because you don’t need looks, height, to be a certain age, or money to attract women. Just make her feel great.

Now, you’ll find a lot out there on the internet that says: “I’ve got the secret to attracting women”… “Come buy me”… “All your problems with women will be solved instantly for $97.”

It’s nauseating.


And you can get lost in all the noise. You really want to know what this mystical, magical secret that they’re all talking about is. I know I did.

Well, I’m here to tell you there’s no mystical, magical secret. And you don’t have to spend tons of money to get success with women. The best things in life are free. And practice is free. It’s PRACTICE that will get success with women.


There’s no mystical, magical secret to attraction behind the curtain of all the marketing hype out there. It just takes practice. Besides, you’ve already got what it takes to attract women–within.

To practice, you need to know WHAT to practice. That isn’t so obvious.

So, that’s why I started this blog. I wanted to create a space where all your questions about attracting women would be answered… for free.

In here you’ll find all my biggest aha moments that helped me along, as well as the best pieces of wisdom that I learned from teachers wiser than me.

The reason? I want you to actually get this stuff HANDLED. Rather than pining away at these supposed mystical secrets… and breaking your bank along the way.

Here’s the stuff you’ll find inside:

  3. SEX TIPS.
  5. PICTURES. Of hot chicks. A little inspiration. Raise your testosterone levels. Haha

When I finally got success with women, here’s the crazy thing. I found I had it in me all along. I hadn’t changed fundamentally as a person. I simply learned a skill. Learning that skill had brought the best out in me. But it was still me all along.

And this was the biggest insight I learned of all. I stopped caring what women–or people in general–thought about me. And also, women were no longer my #1 priority. Serving a higher purpose was.

When I got that, things really started taking off for me.

It wasn’t that I had been unattractive. I had a belief I was unattractive. I just had to destroy that belief.

Despite what all the seduction marketing out there says, I didn’t have to “add” anything to me to make me more successful with women. I simply had to “subtract” the bullshit that was in the way. Which was my illusion that women were higher and I was somehow lower. When I got that she wasn’t higher, that I was a catch, suddenly women were chasing ME.

ANY man has it in him to attract ANY woman he wants. There’s no such thing as “some guys have it and some guys don’t.” ALL guys have to the ability to learn this skill. We guys just have to learn that we are the prize. That belief alone will give you a scent women will smell off you like cologne.

So, here’s what you can do right now:

  • Check out a few articles.
  • If you like what you read, enter your email. You’ll get techniques on how to attract beautiful women.
  • Apply what you’ve learned. Practice is the real secret to success with women.

Thanks so much for visiting and for reading. I want you to be successful with women. I know this sounds weird, but it’s not even getting women that’s really important. What’s most valuable is becoming a better man along the way.

I look forward to talking to you again soon.

Yours truly,


She's attracted, and she likes you. That's what "Whet Your Woman" is all about.

Be the man, and give her feeling good. She’s attracted, and she likes you. That’s what “Whet Your Woman” is all about.

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  1. datingbitch

    Dude, don’t read blooks, don’t study us and don’t anaylize what you are or not doing right. Women are FUCKED up. Bottomline!!!
    I’m a woman and I have yet understood or can comprehend why the female gender does and says the things they do!!!!
    Hope this helps 🙂

  2. alexander

    Hands down, this is the best blog about dating advice I have ever seen. The articles are very well written, the tips are easy to apply and the whole feel of it is just beautiful, from the website design to the wonderful openness to sexuality (something a lot of the world misses).
    Thank you so much for this Renaissan! I hope you will be able to make a living out of this.

    1. renaissan

      Can’t tell how much it means to hear that. Thank-you. I appreciate you Alexander taking the time to write those kind words, and also for visiting the site and reading! Makes my day, and gives me a little pep to keep going. Thanks again, man.


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