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On Being Successful with Women

I’ve been having the most success with women I’ve ever had in my life. So, I had to ask myself WHY? What the hell happened? I’m basically the same person. What changed? The answer that came to me was that if I never had gotten out into the field I wouldn’t have grown.

Practice is the way to success with women. Practice, reflecting, and having a solid resource. Theoretical knowledge of seduction by itself is like 5% of the battle. With practice it can be useful, but practicing and learning from the field is the way to success.

Because I’m a junior coach at VenusianArts.com and I knew I’d have to get evaluated by Mystery and I’d have to clock in between 500-1000 approaches, I made it a habit to get out into the field and practice. It was like committing to an exercise program for 90 days.

I’d practice not just in bars and clubs but with any and every woman I’d meet throughout the day, cashiers, waitresses, even old ladies, whatever. I busted my ass figuring out a structure to use, so I wouldn’t be just an asshole going up to a woman flapping my mouth without a direction. I practiced in the mirror. I kept track of my approaches and referred to a resource to help me understand where I was going right and where I was going wrong.

For the first 3-4 months it was painful. In my opinion, pickup can be one of the hardest things someone can do because of the emotional pain of rejection one has to endure. But I pushed through the pain and kept approaching. Soon, I discovered that banter, self-disclosure, qualification, and kino were the key to success. And soon, practicing became fun.

But if I had never gotten out and failed over and over again with women, I would not be where I am now. I thank God for all those failures. Because they were my best teachers. Believe me, I’ve got ample room for growth. But practicing being more successful with women seems to have been the key to the success I’m finally having with women. There are no short cuts. Discipline is freedom.