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Sex Tips, Part 6: Fingering


I. Fingering the Clit

1. Upper Right Quadrant (i.e. “one o’clock” YOUR–the man’s–perspective) of clit: This is the most sensitive part of the clit. Lightly stroke.

2. Use plenty of lube: A dry finger hurts and doesn’t feel good. Use plenty of lube while stroking her clit.

3. Light pressure: Women prefer lighter stimulation… not hard pressure… especially since the clit is so sensitive.

4. Tease the clit at first: Don’t attack it. Touch, then back off. Touch some more, then back. Or you could do this. Stroke one side. Then the top. Then the bottom. Stroke in circles. Then up and down. Or side to side. In other words, warm her up. When you find a rhythm she’s like “hell yeah!” keep the same rhythm.

5. When you find a rhythm she likes: This is an idea I got from the book “ESO: Extended Sex Orgasm” by Alan and Donna Brauer. Use that rhythm for ten strokes, then relax for two (for example, where you’re not directly on the clit). It increases sexual tension.

II. Fingering the G-Spot

1. Get foreplay and rapport first: Talk and laugh. Kiss. Stroke her skin. Massage her feet. Lick her clit. This relaxes her. If you dive straight for the G-spot, she’ll resist.

2. Use plenty of lube: You can never have too much lube. Also, make sure fingernails are short.

3. Start slow and DON’T attack the G-spot: Finger her a little. Move your fingers around inside her pussy, then take your fingers out. Taking your fingers away makes her crave your fingers more.

4. G-Spot Location: 1″ – 2″ inside. Up toward the sky. When she’s aroused, you know you’ve got it because it feels like a tiny ball or coin. When she’s not aroused, often you won’t be able to feel it. Why does it feel like a ball? It’s where the female prostrate gland is. That’s what the G-spot is.


In women it’s called the “Skene glands.” When a woman gets wet, that’s where the fluid comes from. When you stroke the G-spot, you’ll hear a squishing sound. You’re on the right track. That’s her Skene Glands making more of the liquid. Stroke it enough, liquid bursts out… a squirting orgasm.

It’s not pee. She’ll say she feels like she has to pee while you’re doing it. But the reality is, it’s the same stuff that makes her pussy wet. You can see this when a girl pees after she’s orgasmed. She had held in the ejaculate, and now she’s emptying it. If she doesn’t believe you, have her pee before you stroke the G-spot. If she feels like she has to pee… well, then she’ll know it’s not pee.

5. G-spot technique: Use the two middle fingers. Hand moves up and down. Fingers pull her towards you, like “come here” motion. Do both these movements at the same time. Think of it as tickling the G-spot. Tickle, but a FIRM tickle.

When you hear that sloshing sound, go really fast. Not necessarily hard… though the G-spot can take more pressure than the clit. But quick. Fast and furious. Shouldn’t take too long after that. After she’s come, you can make her come again. And again, and again. Unlike the clit where after she orgasms, it’s too sensitive to be touched again. Not so with the G-spot.

III. Finger the Anus


1. Knock at her backdoor: While fingering her pussy with one hand, run a finger from your other hand along the rim. Rub lightly in a circular motion.

2. If she doesn’t swat you away: wet your finger and SLOWLY push the tip inside. It’ll prep you for some anal stimulation later…