Sex Tips, Part 2: Initiating Sex


Here are some ideas for initiating the sex.

1. Smile: Women are turned on by a great smile. Melts away barriers.

2. Make her laugh: Puts her in a good mood. And relaxes her. (banter, tickle, fifth grade tactics, laugh at yourself)

3. Connect with her emotionally: Share your secrets. Listen to hers. Appreciate her. Get naked emotionally… one step away from getting naked physically.

4. Be a gentleman: Pull out chairs, open doors, help her with her jacket, be decisive. Play the protector role. Puts her into the feminine role. Hello, sexual electricity.

5. Read erotica to her: “Fifty Shades of Grey” maybe? Nancy Friday’s “My Secret Garden”… hell yeah. Anne Rice’s “Sleeping Beauty”… another good one. Puts her in the mood.

6. Give her a bubble bath: Light candles, incense, get music going. Pamper her. Again, sets the right mood.

7. Pet her hair: Not sure why women love getting their hair pet, but it works. I won’t argue.

8. Give her a foot massage: Relaxes her. A lot of guys neglect her feet. Killer way to get her in the mood.

9. Take her from behind: Maybe she’s washing the dishes. Come up from behind and take her. Don’t ask. Take what’s yours.

10. Have a quickie: Women love quickies, too. Let’s say she’s washing the dishes again. Bend her over. Lift up her skirt. And fuck her. Exciting. Surprising. Wrong. But oh so right.

11. Scoop her up: Let’s say you’re 100 feet from the house. Scoop her up. Carry her to bed. And have your way with her.

12. Manhandle her: Pick her up. Throw her on the bed. Pin her down. Pull her hair. Enjoy. Chances are she’ll enjoy it, too.

13. Undress her slowly: Don’t rip off all her clothes at once. Women love the agony of anticipation. By the way, that means you too, hot shot. Slow down when you undress.

14. Dress her up: I’m serious. Put on her panties, her bra, her shirt, her pants. Show I don’t just manhandle you. I take care of you, too. You’re my girl.

15. Make wardrobe requests: Tell her what to wear. It’s the whole decisiveness thing again. Can put her in the mood.

See a pattern here? Set the right mood. Be the man.

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