Sex Tips, Part 3: Kissing


Here’s some ideas about kissing.

1. Start off with shallow kisses: Don’t shove your tongue down her mouth. Grosses chicks out.

2. Keep your tongue soft: Again, a jabbing tongue grosses her out.

3. Cradle her face: Feels like a “movie” kiss. It’s like you “take” her. Women love it.

4. Nibble her ears: Her ears are veeeery sensitive.

5. Kiss her neck: Same thing with her neck. Veeeery sensitive. Why do you think Twilight’s so popular with chicks? She wants you to kiss her there. Gets her in the mood… for sure.


6. Suck her tongue: Give her a nice little surprise.

2 thoughts on “Sex Tips, Part 3: Kissing

  1. Socialkenny

    Kissing is 1 of the most underrated acts of romance, sex and foreplay. Men in general seem to think that kissing is something that wusses do.


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