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I’m psyched! My ebook’s coming out in December. The whole book’s about the most important aha moment I had while learning this stuff.  I wanna share that moment with you right now:

“Don’t care what people think about you. Respect women. But more important than women, is serving a higher purpose than yourself.”

Those three sentences are what helped me become more successful with women. And it’s what my ebook’s all about.

In the ebook, I split each of those sentences into an ingredient:

  • Playful Challenge as “not caring what others think of you.”
  • Appreciation as “respect women.”
  • And masculinity as “serving a higher purpose than yourself.”

These three ingredients apply to every phase of pickup: attracting, building comfort and trust, seducing, fucking, and maintaining a strong relationship.

There’s one ingredient, though, that unifies the three into one. And it’s Masculinity.

Masculinity: relaxed body language, put-together fashion, kino leadership, giving value in conversation, having your life together. It’s at once the inner-game of things and the outer-game. Outer-game not just because of body language and fashion, but also in how you self-disclose (DHV) and convey high status.

Masculinity is like the opposite pole of a magnet to the feminine pole. By being the man, you make a woman feel like a woman. And create massive sexual attraction.

Playful Challenge and Appreciation are variations on the theme of Masculinity. The difference is, Playful Challenge is playful, and Appreciation is sincere.

Playful Challenge: banter and qualification. Creates want. You only give her a sample, not the whole store. We always want things we can’t have. Playful challenge has you retreat, and makes her chase.

Appreciation: qualification, statements of interest, compliments, emotional connections. You can’t always retreat and act like the “bad boy.” You must treat her with kindness, too. And make her feel beautiful from the inside out. Appreciation is also the foundation of an emotional connection.

Use all three ingredients in every phase of the courtship, and you’ll be a triple threat.

  • A man who’s going places.
  • A man who acts like the “bad boy.”
  • Yet a man who’s kind and a gentleman.


Anyway, my ebook breaks down each ingredient and shows you EXACTLY how to apply them in the field. I’m writing it all down as a reference for myself so I’ll never forget it. My hope’s it’ll also be a reference for you, too.

What makes this ebook different from others? It emphasizes practice.

Also, a lot of pickup stuff out there’s  so expensive and vague, you don’t get it handled and you keep coming back, spending more and more money. I want you to get this part of your life handled without breaking the bank so you can move on.

I am so psyched to share it with you. I know it’ll sky-rocket your game.

Definitely keep your eyes peeled.

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13 thoughts on “My eBook

  1. Socialkenny

    Yea man, VK is cool. He reminds me of Mystery in that they receive the most hate in the community when they’re on top of the game.

    As for your book, looking forward to plug on my site.

      1. renaissan

        Man, thank for asking!

        It’s funny you ask because I just finished the final draft of a smaller ebook called “How To Pick Up Chicks in Five Simple Steps.” It’s about the routine I used that changed my game, and really my life. I’m hoping to get that up within the next week or two.

        I’m planning a second ebook called “My Routines Collection” and plan to have that out by May of this year.

        I’m still working on the larger ebook. I should be done with the writing by May. I’ll be editing it in the summer, and I’m hoping that’ll be out by September of this year.

        I’ll send out an email in a week or two announcing when the first one’s out. It’s killer.

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