Myth #3 About Pickup: “Natural Game” is Better


Can you imagine telling her when she was learning archery “just be confident”? That’s “natural game’s” message. You won’t hear the Mystery Method give that kind of advice. MM is more practical.

“Mystery Method Makes You A Social Robot, I Hear “Natural Game” Is Way Better…”

WARNING: This is kind of a rant.

1. The concept of “Natural Game” is marketing hype.

The “Natural Game” concept was created by people who wanted to cash in on the phrase “new and improved.”

Funny thing is, natural game is neither new nor improved.

Often these marketers started as students of Mystery, then repackaged his teachings and called it “natural game.”

Also the fundamentals of game were around long before Mystery or Natural Game. The genius of Mystery was his making the fundamentals conscious for anyone to understand and apply. Success with women was no longer explained by “just talk to women and be confident.”

“Natural Gamers” then came along and declared Mystery Method was too unnatural, too theoretical.

But these guys fail to grasp that when learning any skill, it helps to have a skill broken into steps first. That way a person can go from “conscious incompetence” to “conscious competence” to “unconscious competence.”

It’s as if Natural Gamers want guys to go from “conscious incompetence” to “unconscious competence”… without going through the “conscious competence” stage first.

And holy shit Natural Gamers are THEORETICAL for being “natural”!


2. I had bought into their hype once. I wanted to see how “new and improved” they were.

Bought a lot of their products, listened to a lot of their interviews, read their books, watched some of their YouTube videos.

I didn’t learn anything new or improved. Except that their shit was overwhelmingly mediocre, and not very enlightening.


‘Cause their crap basically amounts to “be yourself,” “be confident,” “be playful and funny.” Cliches you’d find off a bumper sticker. Or you’d hear anyone off the street say.

Now let me ask you. If you’re out in the field and you see a beautiful woman, would that shit actually HELP you?

Of course not.

Wouldn’t you want something more specific, more practical?

Obviously. That’s where the Mystery Method comes in.

Rather than “new and improved” I’m afraid to say Natural Game seems more of a step backwards, rather than forwards.

3. Here’s another thing. For some, picking the nose could be natural. Should we be doing that when meeting women?

Some “Natural Gamers” don’t take the time to define what they mean by “natural game.”

Mystery Method teaches a guy how to BE HIS BEST SELF while knowing what to say, when to say it, and how to say it.

Yet Mystery’s Method IS natural game as well.

Meaning, there are men who seem “naturally” good with women. But then that’s a myth, too.

‘Cause no one is born “naturally” good with women. Everyone has to learn the skill, and CAN.

People like to call these men “naturals” because they may have never read a book on success with women. They still learned it though… by watching and modeling guys who were more successful with women than them.

4. Anyway, Mystery Method IS what men who are successful with women do (the “naturals”), but backwards engineered so it’s teachable for ANY guy can apply it.

This is especially useful if you don’t happen to know a guy who’s more successful with women than you.

That was me. I learned the Mystery Method, practiced it, failed a lot. But soon the method became “natural,” intuitive, and it became “second nature” to me.

And that’s my point. Learn a strategy–see the whole maze first, then start at the end and trace your steps back to the beginning. PRACTICE the steps until it becomes “natural.” Then you don’t need to rely on the map as much.

In other words, Mystery Method is like climbing up a ladder. It helps you get to the top. Once you’re there, you can throw away the ladder. But the Mystery Method at least gives you steps to get to the top.

“Natural Game”? Not so much.

5. Yes, Mystery Method provides steps and strategies. But they’re fundamentals.

Michael Jordan had to learn the fundamentals of basketball first. After mastering those, he could bend ’em to fit his style.

Fundamentals were around before Mystery or “natural game,” and they’ll be around after someone slaps a different label on it.

“Natural game” may cover a few of the fundamentals. Mystery Method covers ’em all. It’s comprehensive.

So, rather than chasing after the “newest” fad, get the fundamentals down. And that’s what the Mystery Method provides.

6. One other thing I want to mention that annoys me to no end: the smugness.

These “natural gamers” portray themselves as morally superior because they’re “natural.” But they turn around and bash Mystery (because they know he’s the best) without showing respect–even though often these guys learned from him.


The condescending tone makes me wanna reach for some Scope.

I’m not saying all natural gamers are like this. And I’m not against the idea of natural game. I just despise the bashing, the ingratitude, the mediocre advice… and how they end up confusing guys.

Like I said, don’t buy into their hype. Just focus on the fundamentals. You’ll get ’em all with the Mystery Method.

7. One last myth I wanna dismantle before I end this series on the myths surrounding pickup.

Has to do with one of the fundamentals of the Mystery Method: negs. It’s one of its most misunderstood parts…

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