My First ebook is here (YES!)

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It took me forever to figure out how to hook up the payment processing and how to protect the book, but I finally did it. (It’s harder than I thought it was going to be… Hey, I’m just starting out, leave me alone.)

The book’s called “How To Pick Up Chicks In Five Simple Steps.” It’s about 74 pages and it’s $10.

Basically, it’s about how to move the heaviest obstacle in the world: the stranger barrier.

Wouldn’t you say it’s the biggest challenge in pickup? The first approach?

The second most intimidating part may be the first kiss. But what they both have in common is they’re areas we can get rejected. So it’s scary.

Anyway, after about eight months in the field trying to figure out how to get past the “stranger” barrier (and failing miserably), I finally figured out a system. Figuring this system out was THE turning point for me. After I figured this out, things became a lot easier with women.

That system is what this book’s all about.

Building on top of this system I had other AWESOME successes: threesomes, multiple girlfriends (in an honest way), same day lays, picking up strippers, beautiful women chasing ME (that was a new one for me). Without this system, none of that wouldn’t have been possible.

It also changed my life in terms of how to be funnier, how to create sexual tension with any woman I wanted, and how to be more socially free (as well as more joyful and more confident).

What I personally love about this ebook is the emphasis is on practice.

Yes, there’s theory, but I also include a step-by-step thirty-day practice plan, including a stack sheet you can plug your words into. I take your hand and make sure you IMPLEMENT this system. I also break down kino, body language (I drew a couple of primitive pics to illustrate), and I give you word-for-word scripts you can use today.

PLUS I included a word-for-word field report of the system in action so you can steal it, use it, model it.

AND I’ve given you specific scripts on the kiss close, the number close, a rapport-building routine for isolation (The Cube), and how to isolate.

In Mystery Method terms, the book takes you from A1 to C1. But like I said above, this is the FOUNDATION of game. Get these stages down (A1 – C1), you can get the rest.

Speaking of the rest of game, I’ll be coming out with my main book in December. That one’s called “The Mystery of Women.” It includes (in addition to A1 – C1) all my best stuff on Day 2’s, seduction, sex, inner-game, relationship maintenance, and advanced game (like threesomes, club game, hired guns).

That book is OFF THE HOOK. Holy shit, am I pumped about it.

As for this first ebook I don’t hold back. I’ve packed it with PRACTICE and I’m offering it at a super low price.

The reason: I really, really want you to get this. And of course, there’s a thirty-day back money guarantee in case it doesn’t work for you (but I know it will work for you).

Check it out here. Let me know what you think.

Yours truly,


4 thoughts on “My First ebook is here (YES!)

  1. Eddie Goynes Jr

    Just bought the book! Straight GOLD! I already have 99% of The Venusian Arts library. Renaissan your book will take ‘years off’ of anyone’s efforts! A quick read for anyone who wants a successful pickup instantly! Right Now! Today! Cheers Mate! Look forward to future products! Just in time for the weekend! Baby! 1% of the men get 99% of all the Hot Babes. Get the book. Join the Club. If there’s ‘not enough’ Hot Babes ‘where you live’…….MOVE!!!!!

  2. g

    I just bought the ebook, I recommend it to anyone who want to see the mystery method in a very practical way.

    I just discovered your blog, it’s a hidden gem, thanks for all the value you have here. One question, is there an easy way to navigate through the blog’s entries and archived posts? I tried to find that navigation tree with the entries ordered by date in the sideline as in other blogs, it would be a VERY useful item to have, regards.

    1. renaissan

      Thanks G for the props! You make my week.

      As for the navigation, great suggestion. I tried to make it easier to navigate by having all the topics under “Blog Archives” on the side to the right. Also, on the home page, I created a type of Table of Contents with links. That was meant to give an overview.

      I appreciate the suggestion, though. I’ll keep playing with ways to make it easier to navigate this bad boy. That’s important to be able to do.


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