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Ah, the perfect reaction to your text

I’ve got a good-looking friend girls like a lot, and he complained to me about this problem he had texting girls.

He’d meet a girl and the interaction goes great. They wouldn’t have had sex yet, but he likes her and she likes him. In between the first meetup and the second meetup they text. And that’s where things go wrong.

“I don’t know what I’m doing wrong,” he said.

“Well, let me see some of your texts.”

He showed me some of them, and here’s how they read:

“How was your day?”

“How are your classes going?”

“How are you doing?”

The girls might text back, and they’ll have a factual back-and-forth. Next thing he knows, she doesn’t text him back, and he doesn’t know what happened.

Let me give you three ideas about texting chicks that I shared with him. When he tried these ideas out, he had girls texting him back and wanting to see him the next day.

1. Avoid factual conversations.

2. Instead, play-fight. By the way, what is play-fighting? Role-playing. What role do you play? You’re the prize and she’s the one chasing you. Push her away… in a make-believe way. Or, at least be a little off-the-wall and absurd about it. This’ll make her laugh, show you’ve got an edge, and it’ll create sexual tension at the same time.

3. Probably don’t need more than 3-5 back-and-forth exchanges with her. Be the first one who’s gone, if you can. Leave her wanting more.

Here are some examples, just to jog your imagination. I want to give credit where credit is due. I learned a lot about how to text from Brad P. I highly recommend his eBook, “How To Talk To Women.”

Here are some suggestions:

“I know you haven’t been able to stop thinking about me, so I figured I’d say hi.”

“Tough love is all you get.”

“One of my friends just got ass implants. I was thinking about getting some. What’s your opinion on that?”

“Stop thinking about me.”

“I’m watching The Notebook and eating a bowl of ice cream. Don’t judge me.”

“Hello beautiful.” (20 seconds later) “Oops, texted the wrong chick.”

“Hey dork/nerd.”

“What’s up creeper?”

“OMG, I just saw this squirrel in the park and it reminded me of you.”

“OMG I saw the cutest thing in a store window today! I was gonna get it for you, but I realized it was my reflection.”

“Last time I saw you, you had a booger and it was going in and out every time you breathed through your nose. Sorry I’m telling you this, I couldn’t hold it in any longer.”

“I want to do it with you. I want to get you hot and sweaty. I want to hear you breathe hard. Do you want to go jogging?”

Now, here’s what you can do RIGHT NOW to try these ideas out: (By the way, I also, found a cool blog dedicated just to this one subject: what to text a girl.)

1) Pick three of your favorite texts from this list.

2) Try them out, and watch how awesome they work.

3) Remember, role-play and make-believe. Like you’re four-years-old playing in the sandbox with her. Rather than being factual, you’re being imaginative. Play the role of the “prize” and make-believe she’s a cutie chasing you. Which means you playfully push her away.

4) You can’t interact with a girl as well on the phone as in person. So, it’s best to get off the damn phone and interact with her in person. Good rule-of-thumb: limit yourself to 3-5 back-and-forth exchanges. And if you can, be gone first.

Go out there and have a blast. ‘Cause it is.

Also, found a cool blog dedicated just to this one subject: what to text a girl.


She’s texting you back big boy. Nice.

7 thoughts on “Texting Chicks

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  2. mailmidnight

    I did a lot of online dating in the past (in my opinion it’s another chance beside day and club game) /
    Love to hear some of your experience about it.
    So hope it’s okay even it’s a little bit off topic here.

    1. renaissan

      You know what? I haven’t tried online dating. I’d wouldn’t mind giving it a whirl though. What was your experience of it? I’d love to hear your experience of it!

  3. mailmidnight

    Shame on you 😛
    for me this is a kind of a bonus round. I had a few relationships with girls I met online. So it’s definitively worth a try. A good picture is very important.
    I going to write more about it in a private email if you like.

    1. renaissan

      Before I learned game I had met a couple of girls online.

      One of them looked good and had a nice ass. I’m definitely an ass man. We got into a relationship. Turned out one of her favorite words was “fuck,” she got angry VERY easily, and her nice ass was hairy.

      I tried online dating one more like two years later and the girl I met out for a date was fatter than what she looked like in her picture. After that, that’s probably why I didn’t go back.

      But I’ve heard people have found great people online too. Like you. Were the girls you met online hot or maybe not?

  4. Midnight

    Yeah that’s the problem since photoshop the girls look online fantastic. The truth is sometimes different.

    I only met hot girls. (HB 7,5-10) nothing less.
    Usually I try to close her after 5-6 emails if this is not possible I move on.

    Give it a try.


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