Sex Tips, Part 9: Settings

Switch up the settings to add excitement to sex. Sex in public is fantastic setting--except when you get caught

You can have sex in public. Just don’t get caught

Don’t have sex in the same setting over and over again. Change the setting. Just that simple tweak and you avoid sex from becoming old hat. Not only that, you give it spice and variety. And that’s always a good thing.

Here are some ideas:

1. Bend her over a table

2. Bend her over the car

3. Go up her dress in a restaurant

4. Wake her up in the middle of the night

5. Sit her on a desk and eat her out

6. Fuck her in the shower (or bathtub)

7. Fuck her in the kitchen

8. Fuck her in the car

9. Fuck her in an open field

10. On the floor

11. On the beach

12. Under the stars

13. Take her panties off while she’s washing the dishes.

14. On a commercial break.

15. In an airplane, bus, train (thank God for blankets or bathroom stalls)

16. Fuck her in any other public place where you could get caught: back walkway in a shopping mall, empty university classroom, bathroom stall in a bar or store, your office after hours, golf course, cemetery (very peaceful and quiet there), secluded area of a park, in an elevator, against the outside of your building (at night), while sunbathing in the backyard, in an outdoor cafe, in someone’s house (like at a party) where anyone could come in at any time, over the middle bench of a canoe (with a salty mist and a nice breeze).

Hahahaha I love it, love it, love it.

17. Oral or manual sex while driving

18. In the water (ocean, hot tub, lake, river…)

Having sex in the water... talk about adding some excitement

Having sex in the water… talk about adding some excitement

6 thoughts on “Sex Tips, Part 9: Settings

      1. Wycliff Oyugi

        Bt alow me to ask can you please a girl and how can you know if your girl is cheating on you

      2. renaissan

        As to your first question, BOTH physical and psychological techniques help.

        Physical techniques include knowledge of the female anatomy and the physical techniques it takes to please her physical body.

        Psychological techniques include caring about her as a human being, listening to her, turning on her mind, connecting with her, spending time in foreplay, and communicating.

        Of the two techniques, psychological is more important. If her mind isn’t turned on, if her heart is hurt in anyway, if she’s not relaxed, the physical technique won’t work as well and will be more superficial.

        Here’s an article I wrote on pleasing women to get you started:

        As to your second question, what are some signs you’re seeing that indicates that your girl might be cheating on you?

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