Quote – Plato: The Desire for Immortality

For among animals the principle is the same as with us, and mortal nature seeks so far as possible to live forever and be immortal. And this is possible in one way only: reproduction, because it always leaves behind a new young one in place of the old.

…it is for the sake of immortality that everything shows this zeal, which is Love.

Look, if you will, how human beings seek honor… wanting to be famous and ‘to lay glory immortal forever’

I believe that anyone will do anything for the sake of immortal virtue and the glorious fame that follows; and the better the people, the more they will do, for they are all in love with immortality. – Plato, Symposium 207d – 208e

Everyone wants to feel important. She has that same vulnerable human need just like you.

4 thoughts on “Quote – Plato: The Desire for Immortality

  1. renaissan

    You see a drop dead gorgeous woman. You can see her in terms of her how beautiful she is, or you can see her in terms of how she’s a human being. A beautiful woman takes a shit like the rest of us. And she has a need to feel important like the rest of us.

    Bottom line: See JUST her physical beauty, you might put her on a pedestal and all of a sudden she becomes hard to talk with. But see past her physical beauty to her humanity first and she becomes a lot easier to talk with. Because she’s a human being like the rest of us. Behind her physical beauty is this very human, very vulnerable, and very universal need to feel important.

    1. Socialkenny

      Ok cool. Makes total sense. This is like an ant-pedestaling metaphor. I forgot which guru I first learned this from , but he was basically saying that to picture HB’s as if they were UG’s(ugly girls) instead of focusing on how beautiful she is.
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