Whet Your Woman

Quote – Plato: The Desire for Immortality

For among animals the principle is the same as with us, and mortal nature seeks so far as possible to live forever and be immortal. And this is possible in one way only: reproduction, because it always leaves behind a new young one in place of the old.

…it is for the sake of immortality that everything shows this zeal, which is Love.

Look, if you will, how human beings seek honor… wanting to be famous and ‘to lay glory immortal forever’

I believe that anyone will do anything for the sake of immortal virtue and the glorious fame that follows; and the better the people, the more they will do, for they are all in love with immortality. – Plato, Symposium 207d – 208e

Everyone wants to feel important. She has that same vulnerable human need just like you.

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