“How To Pick Up Chicks In Five Simple Steps” Sample

Okay, here’s what to expect when you turn the page.

The first section is the how-to. I’ll give you all the nuts and bolts from the body language to the words. I organized the five steps into three phases. The phases correspond to the “Attract” phase of the Mystery Method:

Phase One—Open:

Step One. Approach.

Phase Two—You Attract Her:

Step Two. Play-Fight
Step Three. Give Value

Phase Three—She Attracts You:

Step Four. Qualify
Step Five. State Interest/Close.

The second section is the practice. I’ll also give you an example of an approach so you can see what it looks like in action and so you can model it.

The third section is a cheat sheet and a tracker to help you practice this approach. The best pickup artists take an almost scientific approach and track. That’s how they get better. By reflecting and fine-tuning.

In the end, this approach is less about “getting” women and it’s more about self-awareness and self-growth.

Now, let’s kill it.

Table of Contents

Phase 1: Open …. 11

STEP ONE: Approach …. 12

Phase 2: You Attract Her …. 16

STEP TWO: Play-Fight …. 17

STEP THREE: Self-Disclose/Give Value …. 23

Phase 3: She Attracts You …. 35

STEP FOUR: Qualify …. 36

STEP FIVE: State Interest/Close …. 38

Practice & Track …. 43

1. Practice …. 44
2. Track …. 48
3. Review …. 49
4. Your Stack …. 59
5. An Example …. 61

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