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    1. Pickup in general. It covers the three phases of courtship (attraction, comfort, seduction–including sex), sexual relations (dating multiple women or one woman, and how to breakup), and inner-game. Emphasis on step-by-step practice.

  1. What is the angle of your book? What separates it from other PUA books? For instance, Introverted Playboy focused his for men that are introverted but stated that anyone could also use the book. Social Kenny did a quick throw-your-ass-to-the-wolves action book. (I’m asking this before I vote on a title).

    1. My angle is there’s only three skills a man needs to become more successful with women: to always be developing himself as a man, to banter, and to appreciate. These skills apply ALWAYS, from meet to sex to relationship maintenance.

      I think I told you this already, but I cite some of your insights in one of my chapters.

      There’s pickup in the book but it’s really about success with women in general… via becoming a more excellent man.

      1. You need a title that reflects that.
        Your blog doesn’t just concentrate on getting laid and one night stands like most of the other PUA blogs I read. So that should somehow be reflected in your title. You also talk about long term relationship stuff and being a better man in general and how that helps (I know I’m basically re-stating what you said.)
        So I’m gonna make up my own vote. “Wisdom of the Mystery Method” or “the Seducer’s Guide” but add a sub-title like ‘How to be the Man that Gets and Keeps a Woman’ or ‘Excellence Always Attracts Women’, something that is more specific to your take on Pick-up so guys know what they are about to get into.

      2. Makes perfect sense. The subtitle I have right now is “The ONLY Three Skills A Man Needs To Be Successful With Women” to reflect my “three skills” theme. But I might reconsider for “How to be the Man that Gets and Keeps a Woman.” That’s pretty damn catchy if you ask me. Thank-you Bossy. Not that you were being Bossy. But… Ah hell, you know what I mean. 😉

      3. I like your subtitle too.
        No need to apologize. I like telling other people what I think they should do, LOL.
        And you’re welcome.

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