A Recipe For A Day 2


Let’s say you’ve got a girl over your place for a Day 2. Here’s a recipe you can use to cook her dinner. You don’t have to be a chef to cook this… God knows I’m not. It’s SUPER easy, costs very little, is healthy, and delicious. Oh yeah, she’ll love you cooked for her.

“Grilled Salmon”

Step 1. Get 2 6-ounce cuts of salmon, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cooking Spray, lemon pepper, instant rice (or 2 potatoes), and fresh spinach (or asparagus or broccoli).

Step 2. Prepare the salmon by sprinkling lemon pepper over it.

Step 3. Spray your pan with Cooking Spray

Step 4. Grill the salmon for 10 – 15 minutes.

Step 5. Nuke the instant rice (OR each potato–to do that rinse ’em first, poke each with holes so they don’t explode, and they should take between 4-6 minutes EACH (8-12 minutes together) depending on the wattage of your microwave and how big the potato is… if your fork goes 1/2 way in easily it’s done; OR cook the instant rice in a pot–follow the easy directions… usually takes 5 minutes)

Step 6: Cut up the spinach (or asparagus or broccoli)

Step 7: Steam the veggies or sauté them with the cooking spray (takes a couple of minutes)

Step 8: Set the table with forks, knives, napkins, candle, wine glasses, and bottle of white wine. Have some soft music playing in the background.

Step 9: Serve the salmon, rice, and spinach with white wine.

The meal should take about 15 minutes or so to make.

Have a wonderful dinner and enjoy her jumping your bones afterwards.

You’re welcome.

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