Whet Your Woman

How To Attract Women

Here are some of the best insights I’ve learned about HOW to attract women:

1. Male Cleavage.

You have the equivalent of this for women. That is, having positive energy

The male equivalent of female cleavage is… Having a positive energy.  That feeling-good you emit is the equivalent to a nice pair of tits.

Here’s another thing. Even the worlds’ greatest pickup artists don’t get the girl 100% of the time (it’s more like 50%).

You’re not going to get every girl. That’s okay. You might get shit tests. That’s okay, too. Just give “feeling good.” You’ll be all set.

The best way to get this cleavage right NOW? Smile on the approach. And banter.

(Credit: Lance Mason, “Real World Rapport”)

2. Banter.

Make believe she’s hitting on you and you’re running away from her.

“The key to attraction is banter. What is banter? It’s playful dominance. Banter is play fighting.”
~Lance Mason

3. Three Things Girls Look For In A Man.

Three things girls look for: Smile, made to laugh, a connection

3 things girls look for most in a man: a great smile, to be made to laugh, to feel a connection.
~Mystery, from a Fall 1998 post.

From: Mystery’s Field Reports from 1998-2006 (gotten as a bonus with the book “Revelations” from Venusianarts.com.) In this quote, Mystery was still figuring out how to be successful with women. During a game called “Hot Seat” with some girls at a party, they said this to him. It gave him an “aha” moment.

It sounds simple, I know. But it’s all you need to attract her. Take the lead, and give her “feeling good.”

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