Whet Your Woman


Hey, it’s Renaissan. I just wanted to take a sec and introduce myself.

I’m a junior coach for Venusian Arts. I absolutely love women. Their beauty is like sunshine. It inspires.

Even though I love women, I didn’t always know how to relate to them in the best way. Their beauty would put such a spell on me, I wouldn’t know what to say or do when I came across one. I resigned to just admiring women in magazine pictures or Playboy videos. Not exactly super-proud of that admission.

When I did come across a beautiful woman in real life who showed interest in me, I did all the typical things us guys do, which we’ve probably learned from movies and TV, like spend money on them or tell them how beautiful they are. Or I might say nothing and just stare and admire them from afar, too petrified to say anything at all.

And in my long-term relationships with women, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten my heart broken. Over and over and over again.

It was like a cruel joke. The thing I loved so much was completely out of reach.

The book “The Game” by Neil Strauss opened my eyes though. That book showed me a guy, any guy, could actually learn how to become better with women.

The story goes like this. In the early days of the internet, there was this underground community of pickup artists who would share secret pearls of wisdom about how to be more successful with women anonymously on the internet.

Neil’s book exposed this community. As a writer for the likes of Rolling Stone and even the New York Times, he was asked by an editor to do a piece on this community. But because he had always been unsuccessful with women himself, I think he soon became more interested in learning the pearls of wisdom for himself. Gradually learning the wisdom and more importantly practicing it consistently transformed him from this short, skinny, balding guy who couldn’t get a date to a man who was often voted the #1 Pickup Artist in the world.

Unbelievable. Damn inspiring story.

When I discovered this, I devoured the collected wisdom of this community like I hadn’t eaten for weeks. But what changed my game the most wasn’t the ridiculous amount of reading there is on the internet about this stuff. It was joining the coaching program at Venusian Arts.

The Venusian Arts was started by Neil Strauss’s mentor, the man who took Neil under his wing and transformed him into a legendary pickup artist. His stage name was “Mystery,” and he is one of the greatest legends in the community, a pioneer who discovered some of its most important insights. He’s also often dubbed the world’s greatest pickup artist, too. In fact, he even had his own TV show on VH1 called “The Pickup Artist.” Haha

To be certified as a coach for Mystery’s company, a coach-in-training would eventually have to demonstrate his pickup skills in the hottest clubs in Las Vegas with the most beautiful women in front of Mystery.

Intimidating? Check. I was so intimidated, in fact, that I spent the next 8 or so months going out at least 4 times a week practicing pickup. And God it was painful. But it changed my life. Being in the heat of the “fire” of cold approach, and persistently, changed me. It would change anyone.

Towards the end of that eight months I was having crazy adventures, like foursomes, threesomes, same night lays, dating five women at once. Things I never even dreamed that were possible. Dealing with women gradually became less mystifying. I had simply been in my own way.

The best part was, women became not the #1 priority in my life anymore. My deepest passions, such as writing, became my #1 priority again. Women came second.

Now, I want to share everything I’ve learned and that I continue to learn in this blog. I’ll always be a student just as women will forever be a delicious mystery. I’m also writing a small book about everything I’ve learned, too.

I want to share this incredible wisdom with as many guys as I can for two reasons.

First, there’s a lot of stuff out there about being successful with women, but a lot of it is now very expensive and not completely clear. For the guy who’s just starting out and is not a millionaire, I want to give something that isn’t high-priced and that will clarify rather than confuse.

Second, sharing is a great way to keep learning myself. Putting thoughts into words, forces a person to get clear on his thoughts. And I want to keep learning and growing forever.

I’m passionate about this wisdom because in the end, it seems becoming more successful with women isn’t about “getting” women at all. It’s about what Socrates spoke about 2400 years ago: “know thyself.” Learning how to be more attractive to women is just a means to that end.

By the way, the reason I’m called Renaissan is not because I’m a Renaissance Man. It’s because my objective on this journey is a perpetual “rebirth.” Also, the Renaissance Man is an ideal that I’ll always strive towards: warrior, artist, scholar, gentleman, citizen, self-reliance-wright, Christian, admirer of the ancient Greeks. What an ideal. It inspires the hell out of me.

I’ll post to this blog at least once week.

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